Sick plants need help?

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  1. Really need help any info you need ask away?

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  2. I am no expert but I have been growing for about 2-3 years now and to me it look like a bad over watering
  3. Maybe what do you think about the spots? Can you see them?
  4. Not really but you can get rust marks even holes in bad cases in the centre of leaves with really bad water poisoning or slight but long term overwatering, in the past I have killed a few with my in ability to recognise the over water a leave instead would panic and put more in and spray em etc! I must have killed 3 or4 like this mainly cause overwatering looks if you haven't seen over or under watering before, believable for the same symptoms ( leaf droop etc ) but for the the wrong reasons I can now tell under watering and overwatering just by the leaf tips so it is no longer a prob, normally if the tip goes up at the end of all your leafs and there is slight browning then it under watered and for the same but they point down is overwatering, hope this help bro, love peace and bananas GG
  5. Thank you first time man so it's a learning process getting my ojt
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    No probs first time on GC as it goes - let know how you get on is there perlite in the soil? I just looked at the pics again, the shot under the leafs I can't really see the mark what is it? Also the patten does look quite regular constant with an infection, but the leaf is quite bloated, what strain is it do you know the leaf look similar to my bubble gum Kush peace 420 GG
  7. Yea I have perilite in the soil
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    Case u dint see the edit :) ......
  9. Not sure of strand just bag seed. I'll try to get some better shots and post with close ups. I really appreciate the feed back
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    ...I agree on the overwatering. Don't water your plants until the soil is mostly dry, but not bone dry. You can go about this a couple different ways.
    ...You could stick your finger into your soil, go down about 1 inch, if it is moist you don't need water. Wait until it's dry 1 inch deep before you rewater....if the top of your soil is wet a day after you water, you can bet the very bottom of the pot is soaked....when the soil gets overhydrated it turns to mush, which in turn strangle the roots. Overwatering is the #1 most common mistake among novice growers..... time, you should be able to tell the water content by simply lifting the pot up....when your pot feels dry, you water....there's a big weight difference.

    ...remember, a little neglect is better than too much of'll do much better by "under doing" it vs. "over doing" it everytime. You can literally love your plants too much easily.

    ...whatever you do, DO NOT buy a moister meter....those thing blow. Good luck.
  11. What's your advice on temperature and humidity?
  12. ...I like to keep my temps 65 - 80 F
    ...I like to keep my humidity 40-60 % ....lower humidity during flowering
  13. ...what kind of soil do you have these ladies in? long have they been in those pots?
    ...have you fertilized? you pH adjust?
    ...what kind of lights?
  14. Well when the light is on humidity between 25 to 30 and at night 40 to 45 high temp 88 lows around 75
  15. ...I've never had problems with humidity being too low...I wouldn't stress on that too much....but your temps are high
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    Soil is just mg organic. For now til next transplant. Been in these pots 2 weeks there about 4 weeks old from seed fed nutes for first time this week. General organic nutes. 400 watt metal halide right now have the hps bulb for flower
  17. Need proper ph meter. Next thing on shopping list so not exactly sure on ph

  18. ... collect rain water if you can't get your hands on a pH meter, or RO filtered water has a great pH also....tap water is usually too base if that's what your using.
    ...MG isn't a soil of choice for a novice grower bro....even though it says organic, it still has time released fertilizers that open with waterings.

    ...if you can afford some quailty soil, I'd transplant into much larger pots a.s.a.p.
    ...I suggest Fox Farm's Ocean Forest, Happy Frog or Roots Organics for true quailty organic soils. ;)
  19. I'm really trying to do the organic thing not sure what soils my local shop has but I did see ocean forest and happy frog prolly get supplies tomorrow and transplant Sunday.
  20. ...your ladies will thank you! ...good luck bro.

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