Sick plants, need help!!

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  1. Hello everyone I'm growing in canna terra professional, under 600-700watts, plants look sick... check picture below, I'm about to transplant em into bigger pots and spray them with bio nutes,cuz I thought they lack of nutrients because I never fed them with any, they are about 3 weeks old.

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  2. I missed your know your lacking nutes ...and you know what to what's the mystery? GET ON IT


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  3. Well as a newbie grower, I just posted my view, and since there are more advanced growers all I wanted is a approve to what I'm doing, and are these sights are correct of what i thought?
  4. yes your on track Dude plant look ok ..but do what you said...

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  5. I've had same problem.they ended up doing fine.

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