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  1. It's your fan , it's at high speed blasting the new growth , it will tear them apart
  2. Plant is a random seed maybe 2 2 and half months old, had issues with at first because of my shitty miracle grow soil but that was almost all removed and replanted in some HP pro mix about a month ago, humidity 40% temp 20•c, watered well once a week when soil almost completely dries out,, used general organics calmag, root boost and bithrive once at 1/4 dose, 1000w led light placed about 30" above plant 20 and 4 ,, plant is in the basement.

    Plant started curling its leaves as a seedling and has had issue since, leaves will randomly turn horizontaly and leaves cupping on almost every set and seems pretty small for a 2 and a half month old plant

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  3. definitely looks like a heat issue, the leaves with burn marks on their ends, leaves "curling up" and some lower leaves drooping a bit.

    Try getting an exhaust, portable ac or if you have ac at home tape some tube to it and take the cold air inside the tent or behind the fan in the tent.
    Also this light is waay too strong for your space. I have a slightly smaller tent and am using a 250w hps for two plants and they seem to be taking too much heat like yours even though temperatures here are a max of 26ish (portugal); so I imagine a 400 hps might be overkill for a space like this.

    You can look into buying a "cool tube" which is basically a glass case you put around the lamp to reduce heat, or an air cooled reflector (which can be quite expensive but solves most heat issues), or just get a 250w hps and some clfs for cheap for an easier and possibly cheaper way of resolving it
  4. Possible Nitrogen Toxicity, Unsure since this is my first try at growing. seeds are bagseed. but my leaves are curling downwards at the edges and the tips, I water every three days and foliar spray every 2 days with 1 drop of super-thrive per liter. Any help is appreciated. Seedlings are a few weeks old.
    20180519_121527.jpg 20180519_121558.jpg
  5. Don't foliar feed in the light in less its the wee hours of the morning before sunrises , also don't water and foliar feed at a young stage , stick with watering every two days so your medium has time to dry out and the roots grow and search for the good stuff and then the plant grows at the same time , when watering all the time , you will get them too full of there water and nutes and they get lazy and don't Wana grow fast , they will turn out fine but it's basicly like this

    Your over watering that's all , try this my friend
    Feed water starting day 1 of 7
    Don't water day 2
    Water day 3 with a little bit not much less than what your useing , use two drops littlerly two drops of superthrive if that's what your useing.
    Day 4 no water
    Day 5 water no nutes just water
    Day 6 no water
    Day 7 foliar feed if you are a fan of that stuff , in the dark only , I recommend you just water with a little super thrive , but if you want to foliar feed , only one day a week...

    Basicly just slow down on your watering , I know you love your plants but they need time to just have you ignore them and let them do there own thing for a day , you can look but no touchy....

    By week 4 and 6 inches you should see your first diffencey if there is one and that's when you use ferealized nutes or soil.... don't feed any thing truly not even superthrive until week 4 from seed and then take off on your feeds.

  6. 15267540412181651958626.jpg 15267541328331126859214.jpg
    I have 3 plants growing been in flower for 8 days 1 is clear as day a female not sure about the other 2 yet one I assume is a male wondering what you guys think
  7. Your pictures are all males... Sorry Bubba, better pull those out now and throw those away or everyone around you ando yourself will have seeds in there weed. Males pollinate up to 2 miles away. Trash those , sorry dude
  8. My purple bullet auto is experiencing a just finished week 6 (end of first week of flowering).


    Anyway, she grew for 5 1/2 weeks in Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil (5-gallon pot) and only used the nutrients in the soil. I did not place any amendments in the soil, and gave her ZERO nutrients. Just after she started showing signs of pre-flower, she started to droop (I can only guess because of the deficiency of nutrients in the soil). She wasn't overwatered. Actually, she started to droop after not being watered for 5 days and the soil wasn't completely dried out so it still had water at the bottom of the pot. So, it wasn't drooping due to the lack of water, either.

    2 days ago, I fed her:

    2x quarts of pH'd water + 1 quart of water / nutrient solution that contained 2ml Sensi CalMag (4-0-0), 2ml Fish Fertilizer (5-1-1), and 1.5ml of Advance Nutrients BLOOM (1-3-4).

    She immediately perked up the next day and was doing great. She even exhibited accelerated growth. Yesterday afternoon, I performed additional LST due to the new growth, and was happy she was doing better. (picture below — it's the one in the middle)


    This morning, I woke up and she was drooping again like she was when I discovered the deficiency in the soil, but the droop isn't quite as severe. (picture below)


    So, here is my question:

    1. Should I flush? I think the amount of nutrients in the FFOF soil used up over a 5-week period was significant enough to warrant a flush so she can go into flowering without having to deal with stuff in the soil she won't need.

    I did some Googling, and found this on regarding flushing:

    "Cannabis plants have different nutrient needs throughout different stages of growth; what it needs in its vegetative stage is different than what it needs while flowering. Clearing old nutrients [by flushing] during the transition into the new stage of growth will help kickstart the plant’s journey into flowering."

    I think it would be a good idea to flush with some unsulphured molasses, and that's what I want to do, but I just watered / fed her a day ago and the soil is still damp and she isn't ready to be watered again yet. She won't be ready for more water for another 2, maybe 3 days. Can I go ahead and flush NOW, or do I need to wait until she is ready to be watered again before I perform my flush?

    I just don't want to overwater her and add that to my list of problems. I don't think she can handle the stress from overwatering. Thanks for the help in advance!
  9. Yea that was all the same plant pulled it yesterday sucks veg it for 3 month's and have to trash it but the 2 others are both females the one just showed this morning
  10. Does anyone know how much blackstrap molasses I should use with my flushing solution?
  11. The recommended dosage everywhere I've read for blackstrap molasses is about 5 mL/gal. In my opinion, anywhere close to that is probably a safe bet.

    Good luck!
  12. I've been experiencing some deficiency issues but I can't seem to figure out just what it might be. I'm conflicted between it being a boron and/or a potassium deficiency Although, I could be wrong. I'm very open to suggestions.

    Ever since I've started using RAW Nutrients by NPK Industries I've seen these problems arise. Not to say they aren't a good company or they don't have good products, it's probably just that I'm not advanced enough as a grower to tackle their individual line. Instead, I should've just gone with their all-in-one line.

    All of the pics taken below are of various plants in both the vegetative & bloom stages. Also, they were all captured at the same time.]

    Dream Queen -- Week 3 of bloom. The tips of the pistils on the forming buds seem burned but it is most definitely not because of light burn. My lights are a good 3 1/2 to 4 feet away and are only at 750 watts right now.
    Royal Highness -- week 3 of veg.
    Royal Highness -- week 3 of veg.
    IMG_4593.JPG Dream Queen -- week 3 of veg.

    Any ideas would help! Thank you!

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  13. Thanks, I'll be looking for a cool tube I guess. Unfortunately when I ordered my tent, the size was in inches instead of cm and I got it all mixed up, thinking it would be just under 1m².
  14. :/
    Be sure to also get a fan exhaust so you can connect it to the tubes
  15. Need some more info on your grow. Soil, soilless. What's your ph before and after feeding if soil, what's your res ph if hydro? What ppm are you feeding them at and what kind of nute schedule are you following? Your plants need some major help but before we can reall help we need more info. I'm seeing what looks like P problems but those plants have more problems than just one. You might not have a deficiency you may have an over abundance of nutes.
  16. I got drooping lower fan leaves don' know if it' underwatering or over watering help please 1526939289041551409667.jpg 15269393531481549141208.jpg
  17. A bit hard to tell, depends on how often you are watering, the size of the container, and if the soil feels wet before you water. Only water when the soil feels dry when you stick your finger in
  18. Summer is starting to take shape here and Im afraid that as a first time grower I didnt account for that. Temperatures when I can keep the window and top of the tent open while im home so that air flows directly into the tent )tent is next to the window) are at a confortable 28, but when I close the tent completely to sleep at night or when im not home temperatures can go up to 32-33. The tent is 60x60x160cm and the light is 45cms away from the top of the plants.

    Ive posted pictures of my setup,
    I got a small carbon filter, a 125 fan stuck to it pulling air out through tubes connected to a 250w hps in a cooltube and leading out of the tent, on the plants theres a small fan blowing into them pulling air from outside the tent, im also using a 2000 lumen led you can see in the back.

    Ever since I moved them into this setup they showed signs of heat damage before I got the cooltube (like leaves curling up and 4 or 5 yellow spots) but now the heat seems to be under control. Im worried about when they start to flower in about 2-3 weeks (the bigger plant is about 6 weeks old and the smaller is around 4 weeks to a month) and start having real issues with the buds because of the temperature.
    Would adding another fan and connecting it to the other end of the cooltube to pull more hot air out and help with my temperature issue? or maybe adding another fan on the plants?

    Ive already spent a lot of money in little time, so I only wanna spend a maximum of 25 euros or so, will another fan connected to the cooltube decrease temperatures by at least 3-4 degrees? 20180517_165533.jpg 20180519_190940.jpg 20180519_190951.jpg 20180517_165524.jpg
  19. Guess ill go fuck myself then lol

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