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Sick Plants? Have A Question? Ask Here.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by XchaoticmetalX, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. You definitely over watered it , wait a few days mabey even 4 days before you water again , wait for the plant to ask you for water , it will droop like it is now but the soil will be dry and asking for it .
    Also did you add nutes to this baby ?
    Do not add nutes to seedlings in less your exp. And your cutting it wayyyg back an eighth of the dosage way. Don't spray feed these babys with a bottle of anything diffrent than the correct PH and the water is good water no sodium from bottle water pressure water softener , no hard water , no crappie metals etc... just good water, try keeping it in a bucket for a day or two treated and PHed prepend ready for your babys.

    No nutes till week 3 or 4 from seed , if clones add nutes to your baby's after they exit seedLing stage , basicly when they have a huge beard of white roots coming from onths the rockwool or if soil just wait the full 3 weeks to 4 weeks and the plant will ask for it , as long as the baby is not turning brown and leaves are dieing witch it shouldn't in less it's bad water or exsessive nutes , baby seedlings and clones do not need full dosage or at all even nutrients at that stage.

  2. Throw those away before you pollinate your Nabors and everyone withen a half mile of your grow.
    If I knew my Nab0rs were stealth growing like my friends I would be so upset and common sense would of told me that if my flowers started getting seed pods and I didn't see herming on the way to that point , I would know that someone near by is Sabotaging my grow purposes being they want that or that want to destroy our medicine.
    Males should be grown in a super secure room and only intended for seeds , it shouldn't be grown outside on a big scale it ruins things ,
    Your better off pulling those p,ants out of there pots and putting them in trash bags and sealing them tight to the trash cans , don't let them air out in the trash shove them down in it so they nevery pollinate anyone's stuff.....
    Sorry if I seem hater but dude get that crappie outta here out your garden and in the trash can DeeDee deep down.

    Sorry that it happened , that's why people buy autos and female seeds for more money than your bad that just came with some hermie seeds
  3. Does anyone know what this could be? Delaying flowering to try and suss it out, it’s just at the top it looks like this , the plant next to it has a megnesium deficiency I think, but this looks a bit different, any information would be appreciated.

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  4. Almost tempted to chop the top off again and delay a week until flowering while keeping a close eye, it’s not got much yellow on it just the lighter colour and bits at the top mixed with the crinkly edges also only at the top, it is the same distance away from the light as the rest apart from this is a few inches taller.
  5. Yes , I'm gald you delayed the flowring stage cause your not ready just yet , what are you feeding the plants , can you be specific.
    What's the age of the plants.
    What's the height of the plants
    What's the medium it's growing in
    What's the lights wattage and what kind of light fixture and bulb.
    What is your ph and ppm , at the least what's your PH and water source.
    Temps and hummity are at what degree . Is it super dry or humid and last but not least
    What did you do feeding, watering wise week 1 2 and 3 , and did you add nutes before week 4 or before you transplanted... or did you plant it with seed already in its pot......lmk I'll help you more broski
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  6. Potassium def as its going up the edges also whats ya hum and temps the top might be a lil hot and low hum which can cause taccoing.

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  7. using nutes for the plants that have showed their sex already - i've been spraying ph'd water onto the leaves in the morning(6.5-6.6)
  8. Ok thanks for the reply,
    There is 5 plants in this tent 3 are cbd critical mass and 2 are devil fruit, I have 2 600w hps, right now I’ve put them to 400 to make sure the heat isn’t a problem, they must be about 6months old they’re pretty big, I never had a problem until a couple of weeks ago I added a root stimulant that upped the ph, I have been adding white vinegar to lower it, my machine only goes in .5’s but it says it’s 7 so I thought it might have been a slightly high ph, I will post pictures of the other plants in the tent that look ok, I’m feeding it plant magic organic grow, no more root stimulant, and for the past is week I’ve given it magne-cal so it’s alao possible that isn’t what it wanted and it’s now overdosing, not sure, here’s some pictures of the others in the tent and the other plant next to it which I think is magnesium deficiency . Thanks again
  9. A86E71BC-0592-4B8D-A387-885DD7324291.png The darker, nicer looking ones is the 3 others in tent, the other picture is the crinkled unhealthy looking one. Cheers

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  10. It’s also a soil grow and humidity is 55%
  11. The grow nutrient I use is organic but it has potassium oxide, is that ideal enough or do you think I need to get some extra potassium in there? I also have formulex nutrient solution that has all sorts of stuff in it, but I don’t use that much at all. Maybe a tiny amount once a month just to see if I notice anything lol.
  12. What doesage plant magic.you giving them and what one oldtimers bloom or grow

    They look good just need a lil more feed possibly

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  13. Formulex is great i use it in veg gives the plants loads of trace elements.

    If i was you i would add some molassas to the next water as well as ya nutes and a spray of formulex just before lights out would do them so good i spray mines one every 7-10 days just before lights out proper spraying get under the leaves as well

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  14. With no info about it just picture wise , I can clearly see that it has heat stress to a degree

    I didn't see you were that late in the game , I may of thought the pictured plant was younger than that. The ph is wayyy to high in that bottle ...if it's soil 6.5 and if it's hydro water 5.8 for the misting ,

    I will add that when you mist like that and have hot dry conditions it actually hurts the plant and causes discoloration spotting , if the water is hard even a little bit from tap they cause spotting faint faint translucent white not mold forming just a faint trace of water droplets that evaporated so fast due to the desert type climate on the leaves . I found this out by just being in the grow room so long all day and night board and just wanting to get to know my plants and how they were effected by dry dry winter conditions in a badly insulated home .
  15. Okay my man , I truly think I may have the solution to this..stop using that vinegar because it caused an issue with the salt build up seeing that you did that first before you added your nutes and supplement, the combo of those are typically put toeghter with each other and ran by most Growers, everyone has their recipe and there is no one solid one besides what the nutrients brand recommends , it's at the Growers opinion truly , but these will cause salt nutes build up when your using vinagar like that for ph , it just has the unforseen sodium build up waiting to happen. When putting nutes on top of it you have to mix all this stuff up in one , it seems to me you did a feed with the vinegar for ph , then mixed up some nutes and did another feed and then some more stuff to kick it all into gear , witch is cool , Growers can do this your not wrong for trying out stuff but when you don't mix your recipie up all toeghter it's missing key ingredients , sometimes you gotta have this nute to open up that nute , if you know what I'm saying. Then you balance the PH after you mix water that's clean and sat for a day and add your nutes toeghter all in one , that's why they have those , and then ph your water after to see the spike , if your really into it get a Ppm and TDC ec ph pen , start seeing if your plants drinking nutes first and not water or the other way around , that tells you weather or not you need it or don't need nutes.
    To not go off track I obviously talk alot ,
    Vinegar goes out the grow room , general hydroponics ph up and down are 14 bucks dollars max or just buy ph down for now seems that's what u need. Use that good stuff that doesn't bring sodium and salt build up. Get some fish aquarium strips or ph up and down , just don't use vinegar anymore expecially by itself .

    I think it has a salt build up from the way you mixed your water , try just using fresh water 10 gallons per 5 gallon pot , good soil 6.5ph and get them in a 75 degree climate and let that evaporat and perk it's way back up in about 2 days if not sooner...

    Once that's back up to par , trim all that bottom leaf and lollipop those plants , make sure your cutting about a foot up and make your Canopus now before you flower or you will go out of control with growth , your going to run outta space and hit your lights if you flower soon. Your plants truly are nice and doing okay. Your not stressing too much man just figuring out the way the water works and nutes work in concurrent with each other and how something can create salt build up lock out and sodium. Be careful but your in good shape my dude
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    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
    I believe this seedling is just overwatered from its recent transplant.

    Would others agree?

    One without mulch is first day of transplantation, one with is two days after.

    I have a fan pointing at the seedling.

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  17. Thanks for the Info man, I’ll have to order a ph down online and hopefully receive it in a few days, I was adding vinegar in with the normal 4Ml of grow per litre of water which is the max so maybe I am adding too much now, I was also adding magne-cal so see if that has any effect as the plant next to this one has a bit of a magnesium deficiency I think, I’ve added that for a week and I think it’s helping slightly but still see a good amount of leaves showing the signs which I pull off everyday, did you say you think I should top
    Then all again about a foot down? I do need to get these into flower ASAP as they are getting too big for the tent, in the flowering tent I have one that’s due ready in 3 weeks so that will free up some space if nothing else. Also what Is a Canopus? I’ll have to re search this. I keep trying to read and find out more everyday. Thanks for all the information bud. It’s much appreciated
  18. Hey guys! My fan leaves are experiencing some browning I can’t quite explain. Attaching pictures for you guys. If you have an idea please let me know.

    My grow is in coco perlite mix. Week 5 of flowering.

    Also, this started from the bottom region. As you can tell. The upper colas are fine. But I feel it may be spreading. I’ve been feeding maxibloom with silica, sm90 and calmag. Do you think it’s because I fed calmag with every feed?

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  19. What was ya last ph run off reading or have you done one recently

    Other info needed
    Nutes (what ones how frequent)
    Ph of runoff

    Looks like it.cpuld be a ph imbalance also can we get a pic under natural light please

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  20. hey guys

    does anybody know what that is????

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