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    Quick baseline information:

    • I am using a HLG quantum board kit, the qb 260w LED light kit.
    • Carbon filter and 4" exhaust are running intermittently, probably 8-10 hours a day total. Will ramp this up when the plants get larger/in flower
    • Lights are running on a 20/4 cycle, and is 18" above the canopy.
    • Temp/Humidity stays pretty consistent near 80F / 60%
    • I'm doing some minimal LST on a few branches to get them stretching sideways. The plants are in Fox Farms Happy Frog soil.
    • I'm watering them every 2-3 days, switching between pure distilled H20 and then the following nute mix. PH is around 6.25 for both, and 400ppm with the nute mix:
    • Cyco Grow A (2-0-0) and Grow B (2-2-6) Contains potassium, magnesium, phosphate, calcium, and other elements.
    • Cyco Dr. Repair 3-0-0 "Cyco Dr. Repair treats chlorosis and environmental stresses" - helps with iron.
    • Key to Life - Uptake to help micronutrient availability, calcium in particular.

    The plants have tons of new growth and aren't growing slow by what I can tell (my first grow, don't have a reference point). Throughout their life (purchased clones) they've had a decent amount of yellowing between the veins and new growth is also very light in color, borderline yellow.

    I've watered a bit unconventionally, giving the plants 15-20 oz of H20 every two days, switching between straight H2O and the nute mix. I've done this for soil moisture management and to avoid flooding the roots, but I have a feeling I should switch to a better watering regimen. I use a PH/Light/Moisture meter and feel the first few inches of soil to gauge how thirsty the plants are/should be.

    I've noticed a few tips near the bottom of a couple of plants starting to yellow. I'm guessing this is a deficiency/issue of some sort because from what I've learned, the bottom leaves are often affected the earliest because they're closest to the roots. The leaves in the images have a bit of droop since I took them right after the lights off cycle. The leaves perk up pretty damn well once under light for a few hours.

    (Lucinda Williams strain, Willies Wonder x Cinderella 99).

    Do you have any critiques for my grow, nute mix, watering regimen, or any overall advice? I'm a student with open ears, hoping to learn as much as I can.


    Thanks for your time![​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. IMG_1539.PNG I'm about 40 days in flower and recently my plants have slowed down a bit and she's not looking healthy, leaves are turning yellow and then a purplish /red color.. also spotting but it's not brown almost powdery like mildew but humidity stays under 50% normally in the 30s.
  3. Looks like at the least a bit of light stress. I've got the diy version of the same light kit and run them at about 24" in flower. If you've got the adjustable power supply throttle it back a touch or move the boards up a couple inches and see how they respond.

    the quantum leap: multi strain perpetual
    Indoor organic

    Dylan goes electric... err Auto
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I had it cranked all of the way up so I throttled the power supply back a bit and raised it another 2-3 inches. Likely will give it a good flush with plain water when the soil dries up a bit. Thanks again
  5. Hello everyone! I have a question about my plants. I have 4 babies that I planted in soil on 1/24/2018 after germination. They appeared to start to wrinkle and claw a bit so about a day ago I looked to see if they were root bound, and they in fact were! :( So I immediately transplanted them into bigger pots. They're still looking rough and it appears they're still clawed, wrinkled, and curling inward from the sides! Could anyone tell me if that's just normal when they become root bound and if it'll pass in a little while once they have the proper environment?
  6. look at mag and phos def

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  7. Guys my leafs for the last few weeks have been doing this weird tiger stripe thing ... I have other plants next to it, they’re all fine, grown in coco coir and Peat Moss , recently started PH then to 6.0. Outdoor plants about to bloom. 7 months old veg in a 100Litre pot. IMG_2502.JPG IMG_2505.JPG IMG_2489.JPG

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  8. image.jpg image.jpg I'm almost certain it's a nutrient problem,, what's it look like to you?
  9. Bump

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  10. I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by alright. Thanks for the reply.
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    I don't quite know how to work this website yet. I'm a newbie. So bare with me please. My plants are getting yellow and sort of droopy with a curl. I fed them five days ago and now they look like this. Idk if it's an over watering or underwatering problem any input is appreciated. I'm growing in Kellogg organic soil. I have 2 seedlings that I'm trying to grow. Haven't grown much in almost 3 weeks.

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  12. I'm sorry, but this forum has really disappointed me lately. I'm not blaming anything on grasscity because my grow is up to me and I'm responsible jada yada yada. But when I first started growing I made a thread about it on grasscity, and all though I admit that I learned mostly from a website growweedeasy and YouTube, but I learned a lot on grasscity and it really helped me keep my sanity, because a lot of people make videos and give hints but real people debating about methods they've tried and ideas they have helps a lot. And a big rule I learned while growing is don't get lazy during flower just because you think you've got it down... and grasscity completely gave me the cold shoulder as soon as my baby girl grew some buds on her. Ima need some of the staff members and what not to keep the motor running if the community isn't active because my plants sick ! I wanna smoke some good stuff is that to much to ask?? I begged under 50 w t5s for 3 months until I got the money for an led! Y'all gotta help me lol, I won't be silenced.
  13. Hey how many boxes of tissues did you go through while writing this?

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    looks as tho you either have light issue what led did you buy

    or could be a mag phos issue lol

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  15. Hello ladies and gentlemen,
    I believe I have an over-watering issue...droopy leaves that curl down at the end. I think its also possible that I over-fed on my last watering, and could have nitrogen toxicity.
    Day 18 in a 3 gal smart pot with coco, they're in the final pots because they're autoflowers. Do I still water until 20% runoff even though my plants haven't grown into their pots yet? My 'over-watering symptoms' began around day 14 when I watered until runoff. For those of you that start in bigger pots or grow autos, how much water do you give them when they are still young?

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  16. I tried the Vivosun 300w led... I have no way to test it but at the sign of the forstbspotting I raised the light maybe 2-4 inches. I'll add phosphorous next watering and I'll have to order some mag
  17. No boxes of tissue just one whole fucking flower cycle just about. I see you really got my point. Thanks.

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