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Sick Plants? Have A Question? Ask Here.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by XchaoticmetalX, Jul 26, 2008.

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    How can I get rid of thrips three weeks into flowering without leaving any chemical residues behind that are harmful to humans in the bud sites (such as neem oil)? Would alcohol work?

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  2. Hey guys, the white widow I was growing, remember? Well the stem has became too long and it cannot support the weight of the leaves. What should I do? Whats the easiest and best option here? 1507756901859-208077924.jpg
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    @Growpotkin Blue Sticky Strips and Organic Pyrethrum are good :thumbsup: -- Pyrethrum is non toxic to humans and breaks down very quickly so will be gone by harvest. Rubbing alcohol will not be good..

    @Lolmacaroni A wooden skewer nd twisty/soft tie should do it, lol be creative. You can cover the stem with some extra soil. Lower the light some more.
  4. no no alcohol or oil youll strip ya thc off ta buds find spinosad thsts fibe and works

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  5. My blue dream autoflower has the same problem. It’s started off very slow and I didn’t think much of it just went out to get cal-mag thinking this may be the issue. Well hydro store was out until a couple days ago so I added the cal-mag with hydroguard but no nutes. I’m in flower now and she is drinking a shit load growing well and stacking nicely but the spots are taking over. I have the same brown spots as fonghawkand some other types of brighter spots near the top. My plant is a week or so into flowering in a dwc five gallon setup. It almost fills my 3x3 under the 450 watt led but I would love an answer to this question as well because now I’m getting worried

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  6. pics please

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  7. First Hydro Grow Dwc! Is the name of my journal where all the pictures are sorry I don’t keep pics on me but if you can slide over and it’ll give you full details on the grow. Thanks

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  8. I just started giving cal mag but what’s the best way to up the phos?

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  9. bloom nute normally contain phos

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  10. Okay so with the cal mag and bloom nutes started should I trim the leaves that are spotted so I can see if it stops or should I just leave em.

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  11. leave them just keep note you could tie a bit of small ribbon o the ones with so ylu can see if any new turn up. she will use and move nites outta the leaf like npk if she needs it. some nutes cannot be moved

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  12. can we get a pic under normal light its hard to diagnose a purple leave cause at the mo they look ok.
    can can we get whole pic of the plants
    and the soil, nutes, lighting, light scheduel, pot size, temps and humidity tho there autos and fast bud isnt exactly a big or high yeilding plant at all

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  13. Hey, thanks for the reply. I'll take some pics now before they go to sleep! They aren't autos, just a feminized fast flowering strain.

    - The light is a 450W Viparspectra led (200w actual wattage)
    - No nuts atm, I'll start with it soon (GHE Flora Duo)
    - Schedule is 18/6
    - Pot size... not sure, I'd say around 5 liters?
    - Temps between 24 - 27 celsius.
    - Humidity depends on the day, usually between 60 / 70 %
    - Soil is a mix of commercial soil with added perlite, coconut fiber and vermicompost.

    Im just worried about the difference in size and that kinda of motted leaves? Don't know, my first grow here!
  14. Here you are the pics under more natural light:

    These ones are the healthiest one:

    And these the problematic one:

    They smell different too, if that means something. Not bad, just different.
  15. the winkles leaves are normally to do with drops in humidity and she transpires too quick sine there pbotos i wouldnt worry too much but they may want some food soon some molassas will help too. hopefully new growth will come out less wrinkled oh and youll want to pot up in the next few weeks to a bigger pot

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  16. I saw this: How to Get Rid of Broad Mites or Russet Mites on Cannabis Plants | Grow Weed Easy and I was a bit scared, hope they don't get mites!
    Thank you, I will wait and see! Next week I'll start with nuts, when they arrive home :p

    They are 4 weeks old btw, so even the biggest one is a bit small imo.

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