Sick plants first timer.

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  1. Hello grasscity

    I'm growing 3 plants for personal medical use.
    The strains are 2 Og kush's and 1 LA confidential.

    Growing in roots Organic Soil under a 600 18/6 with the standard roots organic player pack fertilizer. Using the 5ml feeding schedule. I added dom lime because they weren't getting enough mg and cal.

    These plants have been through some hard times my power went off and they sat in the dark room for 3 days in temps of 55 in week 2 of veg. Watered the LA with my tap water. (Don't ever do that). Im doing an extend veg because I want looking healthy before I take clones and start flowering.

    My plants still look like they are having deficiency problems. Any help would be greatly

    The two big ones are OGs the smaller one without the support rod is the LA.





    Thanks for your time much love. Remember first timer with new grow room. Started from seeds.
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    How long since power was restored?
  3. Its been about 3 and a half weeks.
  4. Damn...

    Was all well before the black out?

    Ive had a power outage that did similar things like.youre second pic, with new light green growth. I hit them with a little extra nitrogen and they greened back up in about a week. But 3.5 weeks is a long time for them not to recover. What are you feeding and what is your light schedule in veg?
  5. Growing in roots Organic Soil under a 600 18/6 with the standard roots organic player pack fertilizer. Using the 5ml feeding schedule.

    Yeah everything was looking good until the blackout. I think I had a major mg and cal problem with them. Let that go a little to long. These are pictures about 1 week after the black out.

    Both are the OGs

    Little rodded og

    Bigger og

    Treated them with some epson salt and dom lime. About 1 week later. Honestly that LA (no older pic posted) should be dead in my opinion.
    Thanks for the help man. Much appreciated. .
  6. It is probably cellular necrosis from the extended dark cycle rather than a deficiency.

    I am going to assume you do a 24/0 light cycle. I would suggest a 20/4 cycle. Dark give the plants the chance to allow all enzymes to go to completion and the formation of glucose to go to completion from its stored energy.

    I run 20/4 all through veg. Just because a certain plants can handle 24hrs of light, does not mean it is ideal...
  7. I did a 24/0 when they where seedlings then I switched them to 18/6 for veg. If I clone these lady's would this problem continue throughout the clones? Im going to switch up my soil mix for the clones. Im thinking about taking most of my clones from the bigger Og. Thanks for all if your help man.
  8. Wow did some quick research. I think you nailed it. I also think I had a mg problem with over fert.

    My final question is will this problem continue in my clones or will it get better? Thanks again for all the help.
  9. Dont clone until they pull out of it. Unfortunately what has occured may not be reveraible... after 100 hours of dark all ATP, NADH, Starch, and Sugar get used up (I'll see if I can find the research article I found this in and post it). There simply may not be enough energy to restart the process fully. I wouldnt necessarily give up, but I would not clone them, clones should be taken from a healthy plant, not to mention it'll stress to an already stressed plant. I'd start working on Plan B, such as start new seeds or getting some new clones...

    Good Luck!
  10. Has there been any new growth in that 3.5 weeks?
  11. Thanks man. There has been new growth from the OGs and the LA. The rodded Og and the LA are growing pretty slow. But the big OG seems to be growing a new set of fan leaves every few days.
  12. Well that's good!

    When you do clone use the new shoots and it should be just fine.

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