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  1. Was taking a look at the plant and noticed that the underside of the leaves are starting to grow purple veins and the stems coming from the new growth are also purple. Didn't think that it was that big of a deal until reading that it could be a problem. Looked healthy to me, just wanted to make sure that it was ok. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Hey bro i'm no expert but i have grown a few outdoors before that had purple stems even some orange/brown looking and they turned out fine.. Might have just been lucky so dont just take my word for it... GL with it anyways bro peace
  3. Purple stems are an indication of stress but not much of a diagnostic tool. Kinda like coming to a doctor and saying "my stomach hurts." Doctor doesn't know if you ate something foul, if you have an ulcer caused by too many pain killers, or if you have intestinal cancer. There's just a lot it could be...

    Recently Canna Nutrients release an info paper detailing the effects of Nitrogen deficiency. They listed purpling stems as a symptom of nitrogen deficiency. In the past I have heard of purpling to be caused by phosphorus deficiency as well. In addition to these elements plants will also change color depending on the temperatures they have been subjected to.

    And finally, there is the genetic factor.

    If you're just a few weeks into veg and you're not ready to enter flowering then I'd suggest a slight increase to the Nitrogen ppm in your nutrient solution. If you are in flowering already then I might suggest a slight increase in Phosphorus ppm. These changes would want to be extremely slight as a knee jerk reaction could cause you more problems then it solves. If it seems like this is a problem and that it is getting worse then it needs to be addressed somehow and those are the best ways I have heard of.

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