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  1. High Folks, meet Mary Kate. She's been nute burned and locked at a young age, by me, the newb grower. This si my first grow, using bag seed, but apparently feminized, so it can't be all that bad of a strain.
    I started her out in FF Ocean Forest soil. She's pale in color and not growing very well. Started showing green veins. I figured I overfed her to the point of salt build up, so I transplanted into regular potting soil with perlite 2 days ago. She is starting to perk up. I watered today with epsom salt solution (1 tbs in a gallon of water witha touch of h2o2, ph 7.0), and thinking about spraying as well (foliar feeding). She is droopy and pale, every time I feed her, even just a minute amount, she burns. Any suggestions?

    thank you in advance
  2. sorry bout that.

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  3. I see you had PH problems earlier on like around Feb 22. What is your PH now? Also, if you have multiple strains, each plant has its own idea of how much is too much on the nutes. If it burns after you feed it then obviously it is too much. Just cut back on the amount for that plant an you will learn where its threshold is.

    Also, if it is bag seed, how do you know it is feminized?
  4. High SmknVTEC, thanks for droppin by. Well, i planted 7 seeds and got 6 known females, and, in hindsight, probably kiiled the 7th prematurely. Looking back I believe it was female as well. Sue me, I'm a newb. I don't know of anyone else planting anything but feminized seeds and getting (safely saying) 6 of 7 females.
    And, I think I have one plant that is a hermie. Not sure yet though.

    Update on sick plant:
    I think my problem is water quality. I've been readin if the calcium in tap water is high enough it will screw up ph and lock out certain nutes. So, Off to Wlamart I went and picked up spring water, gallon jugs, 6 for now. I nuted 2 of them. The first with 3 tsp Tiger bloom, 2 tsp Big Bloom, both fox farms, labeled heavy mix. The second nuted with 1 1/2 tsp big bloom, 1 1/3 tsp tiger bloom and a touch of h2o2 (2 Tbs), labeled llight mix. I fed the healthy plants, (Danielle, Jasmine, Ashley and Erica) the heavy mix, and the less healthy (MAry Kate, Joan) the light mix. Now the waiting begins. I won't water again until the soil is dry to my 3rd knuckle.

    let's see how this goes.

    Background, my plants are small in comparison to many I've seen, although they are a Sativa dominant strain, apparently. My roommates and I need to use CLR on the shower heads and everything else in the house quite often. I thought my Pur filter would take care fo most of that, but lately my plants haven't show much growth and sign of nute deficiencies. So, I am changin water sources.
    wish me luck

  5. HIGH All, sorry I missed this Freak....why not do the "Lift"'s much better than the ol' finger into the's what most of us do.

    How often are your watering and feeding her?
  6. Uniot, wow, thanks for posting!
    I water when the soil is dry, but before the plants wilt. I do the lift test as well. Feeding every other watering or every third watering depending on tolerence of the plant. That will change now, though. I won't be able to check the plants before I run off to work, but I will be back mid afternoon to see how they are doing. I do knwo this,: 3 hours after feeding with light nute solution in spring water, the droopy plant's leaves were standing tall and not drooping. And Mary Kate had gotten a bit more color to her.
    The only thing I can think of is water quality. The water here at the house is very hard. Lots of mineral build up on the shower head, sinks, etc.
    So, I will update this afternoon!

    thanks to everyone!
  7. HIGH All, u no it=you know it..facking stoners *LOL*.
  8. High All,
    well, I just checked the plants and OMG they look so roibust now. It's amazing. I can't wait to post pics, I don't have time at the moment. Hopefully tomorrow. The spring water made all the difference!

    Thanks everyone for their helpful suggestions.


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