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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by morphious, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. my plants are well established now, but recently ive noticed that one plant as got yellow spot and brown tips on the leaves.

    the siol never seem to go dry at all.

    the top of the plant is showing more of these yellow spotted leaves. someone told me to repot and i did so carefully. will this help.

    the soil shows a good pH level , but the run off from watering shows acidic?????

    im using canna terra flores. as im well into the flowering cycle.

    and i use the pH up or down to adjust the ph level.

    i have a 400w hps lamp on a 13 11 timer

    please help me. why havet the flowers started to show the change to brown better.
  2. how many weeks into flowering are you? and how often ferted? i know it doesnt sound like a mG deficiency, but have you ever treated with mG? and what is your pH reading at? how often watering if your soil never goes dry?
  3. The soil pH is 6.4 to 6.8.

    The plants have been flowering for around 8 weeks or more.

    i was watering every day. but only using ferts 3 times aweek.

    although my plants are showing the brown colour on the flowers, they dont look like the ones on the forum.???/
  4. HIGH All, your problem could be a number of is a Plant Abuse guide that maybe will help you identify your problem better. Which leaf problem most resembles your problem....and we can go from there.

    Most fertilizers cause a ph change in the soil. Adding fertilizer to the soil almost always results in a more acidic ph.

    As time goes on, the amount of salts produced by the breakdown of fertilizers in the soil causes the soil to become increasingly acidic and eventually the concentration of these salts in the soil will stunt the plant and cause browning out of the foliage.

    Some good reading about Fertilizer Absorption and of coarse other good reading about our favorite plant.
  5. yep unoit makes some good points..just wanted to ask one last thing, do you mist your plants at all?

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