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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by jusstin, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. my plant is turning yellow and brown all the leafs are drooping but it still seems to be growing its been like this for 2weeks and there are little buds but the plant doesnt look good plzz help and tell me whats rong its really really droopy
  2. what light cycle are you in, how big are the pots, how often do you water, have you be using nutes? Post pics to get the most accurate response
  3. If you could tell us a little more about the plants or put a picture up, it would help tremendously. I'm assuming you are growing indoors and would notice any infestations, but it sounds like it could be a fungus, look at the roots and see if they look healthy. If there are infected ones, remove them and treat with a fungicide. Another possibility is a magnesium deficiency. You should probably cut back on your watering, if its a fungus it will help with that, but droopy leaves are signs of over watering anyways. Hope this helps, post a picture and you will probably get a much more accurate diagnosis.
  4. the plant is in the ground and its about 4-5 feet tall and i uaslly just let the rain take care of the watter but if its really dry il go watter him but i havent used ne nuts or fets i was going to go with organic and im not sure about the light cyle its outdoors and its budding now but looks rele sick its all brown n yellow and all the leafs are droopy and yellow could this be cus its budding stage and the leafs die off?
  5. If you are concerned about an organic grow then use an organic fertilizer! A picture would seriously help though.
  6. it looks like this plant but mines more droopy and brown and yellow... will i still get nice amount of buds of it or will it just die off my friends dad told me it could be the leafs are dieing off beacuse its in budding stage and will only grow buds but it looks way too unhelthy please help me what should i do plant abuse.jpeg

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