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  1. Hello guys, I’m growing outdoors up in Canada and have a problem with one of my plants. I started the smaller one inside 2 months ago, and the two taller ones are 2 weeks older. So the smaller one is having these white/yellow dots on its leaves mainly the newer leaves! Need help with the problem, if it’s nutrients, pest? Should I cut out the leaves with the most damage?
    Hoping to hear from the connaisseurs, its my first experience growing! D6FC14BE-8C3A-463E-93F1-22F56B2C4AF9.jpeg 04DB8E87-6A90-4146-9857-9CFECC7F622F.jpeg 29785E6F-44CC-4E70-BDCE-32F3E62693B5.jpeg AEC2A1C9-BE97-4BA7-93A0-8CC283D99A48.jpeg FB2E96BF-9D93-417D-8F16-E8A255D3B23E.jpeg 1A7B7DFA-111D-4383-91CC-AE06CB71C22C.jpeg
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  2. Leafhoopers. Neem, or insect frass tea. Use as a foliar spray and as ground supplement
  3. You can remove the leaves or not. This could have been from a bug that's already moved on but if it continues or gets serious you should treat them.
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  4. I seem to have various critters come and take a few bites and move on.
    As long as it's only old damage.... don't worry.
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  5. Thanks a lot, I will look into neem oil to treat if it seems to continue!
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  6. Looks like typical outdoor insect feeding. The best defense is to keep the plants immune system strong - adequate light, nutrients and water.
    They look healthy despite the spot feeding. As long as the leaves stay dark green and don't start getting pale it should be okay.
  7. As in all of the above, "insect's" let them have there share & if it get's to be a major problem resort to the Neem Oil.
  8. I been having issue with thrips this year little bastards all over my girls. Seeing a lot of june bugs luckily they havent found em yet seems this year pest insects are abundant.

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