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  1. Hey guys,

    New guy here! I just recently changed out my T-5's and replaced with mars hydro 300W led. The next morning my plant looked like this! Light is 24" above canopy and the plant is in a 3 gallon pot. The plant was healthy looking until led's were installed, so I'm assuming lights are the problem? Any advice would be super appreciated!!

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  2. I'm new enough to growing MMJ that I can't be positive, but it looks a lot like sun shock you get from normal plants when you suddenly increase the light. If that's the case, watering and a gradual increase is usually the way to go to fix it. Also, 24" above canopy on LED seems really high, as my HPS aren't even that high above.
  3. I raised the lights from 18" thinking it may have shocked the plant with new type of light.
  4. Probably not a bad plan in the short term. Just making sure you knew they'd end up wanting to go lower eventually.
  5. I lowered the lights and checked PH and it's 6.2
    Also added cal/mag to ph'd water

    I'm very confused as to what's going on.

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