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  1. First post here
    Been having some problems here and after reading through some of the books i have on plants, ive decided to come see if anyone here had any ideas to help me out.
    Light 400w
    Soil: ff ocean forest
    strain: ww bid bud
    Distance from light- around 12 inches but never had a problem previously
    watering frequency- usually every few days/ when top few inches of soil appears dry with distilled water or tap water that has sat for a few days in 5 gallon containers.
    Nutrients- general hydroponics floragro, micro, and bloom. Ph meter broke during veg but have only given up to 1/2 strength alternating with pure water.
    Temp- consistent 78-83 degrees during the night. 60-62 at night.
    Humidity- usually around 25-30%
    No bugs that i have seen yet, other plants next to it are showing very very little yellowing compared to this plant.
    Plant has been in the same planter for a while and its possible its needing trasplanted, but i hear thats stressful to do once flowering has started, is a week and a half too late or will it be worth it in the long run

    I have three plants growing right now and havent had any problems up until now, The plant is about a week and a half into flower and has started to yellow with some brown spots on a few of the leaves. Yellowing started towards the middle and top. The bottom actually still has a decent amount of green left but i can tell its starting to lighten up. Flushed the plants with distilled water to see if that would help at all, I assume its a type of deficiency as i have no ph meter right now I couldnt be too sure. buying ph test strips today. All help appreciated, thanks

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  2. what line of nutes? when was there nitrogen added last?

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