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  1. Hey, my plant is losing its leaves, I have attached a picture of a leaf in the process of dying, please help me identify the problem. This is a soil grow, under CFLs, I water with Ph adjusted tap water.

    Thanks in advance,

    Network Guy

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  2. Not exactly sure, it could be potassium deficiant. If its any sort of of nutrient overdose or deficiency, you should leach the soil if its a soil grow, or if its hydro you should flush it with fresh water, and then change or adjust the nutrient solution to the proper strength. Are there any holes in the leaf? I suppose it could be a fungus, in which case you should reduce humidity and get some fungicidal spray. Adding pot covers greatly reduces humidity in large grow operations. It really doesnt look like an infestation of anything, just a nutrient problem. Somebody yell at me if im way off here.....
  3. creepy looking leaf lol

    why are they so wet? (this can cause mold n other nasty stuff or even light burn i read)

    what kinda setup, also u say u correct ur water what ph range r u using atm

    think about flushing the soil as shown on the flushing threat and correct the levels ph,
    or at least do a run off test to see what ph rng it is atm in ur pots

    I personaly never let my plant get direct contact with water if the room humidity and soil/water+frets PH are good thats all u need i think

    GL with ur grow hope this helps

    Den :cool:
  4. Ah, I had just sprayed with pyrethin/canola oil pesticide. They are usually dry.

    I give them approx 6.0-6.5 Ph usually (greenish-yellow in the test tube) Runoff tests show the same. Water in my area is moderately hard, with a high Ph.

    Next time I water I'll flush and post the runoff test result. Should the last gallon of the flush have 1/3 strength nutes in it to replenish the ones just flushed away? Should I flush the pot regularly?
  5. aim for ph range of 6.5-6.8 i am told

    long as this is correct in ur soil and water u should be koo

  6. Looks to me like you're frying that plant with nutes.
    Serious nuteburn....may also cause pH problems.
    Are you aware that when taking pH test from runoff you're supposed to use the first few drops that come out at the bottom of the pot?
  7. cuz thats what u do if ur ph in the soil is out ^^ lol :rolleyes:
  8. i think u need to read the chill out thread m8 lol

    if my soil was out in ph yer i wud flush so w/e dunno what ur on about seems like u got to much time to type negative reponses rather then helpfull ones if u ask me

    GL with ur grow hope it all works out for the best

    Peace :cool:
  9. Plant is 3 months old.

    Also, please do not fill the thread with arguments, have something positive to say, or a suggestion. Dont just attack the other posters. Thanks.
  10. Better?

    Have fun. That is what matters.

  11. Plant is doing much better now, switched away from the schulz nutes. The plant is starting to show buds, all new leaves are nice and green with no nute burn. Also, the stem is green instead of red for all new growth. =)

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