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  1. So I've got a couple of plants going right now, but this one is the biggest. I'd say it's about a month old and we've got it under about 100 watts or so of flouros. Tomorrow we've got a 250 watt HPS system coming, so light will no longer be an issue. The problem is that about 2 weeks ago the bottom fan leaves started to fade in color until they were white. Now the next set of leaves is also doing the same thing. We were thinking it was a Nitrogen defiency so we gave it some nutes, but it didn't seem to help. Next we bought a pH tester, but it reads the soil at the mid 6's.

    I think the problem lies in the soil. Originally it was planted in regular outdoor soil from a friend's back yard. He gave it to us and we transplanted it into a bigger pot in some new soil that we got, but it was really clumpy and appeared to have chunks of clay in it. Could this be the reason for the discoloration? Tomorrow when the light comes in we're gonna transplant it into it's final bucket and also put it in some good soil this time. Anyways, here's a pic or two, lemme know what ya'll think. Thanks guys.

    P.S. Just checked the pH again and i actually think it's low. It's now reading mid to high 5's. We do have some lime so how much should we add to it to correct the pH? Also, i think the meter is reading different pH's for the two different types of soil that are currently in the pot.

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  2. Need to get that ph to around 6.5 - 6.8 least thats where I like mine. Also get rid of that dirt and try to get some potting soil (without time released ferts in it)

  3. And don't forget to add 25% more perlite to it.
  4. Why the Perlite? We're not having drainage problems. Also, if you READ my post, it says that the pH is low and that I need to raise it, hence why I asked how much lime to add to raise it. Additionally, I never said I had time release ferts, it's just regular soil. And yes, I'm transplanting them all into so MG Organic soil, that again, has not time release ferts.
  5. This plant looks exactly like a plant that I had that was over-fertilized. I don't know how that's possible since you used outside soil but, who knows. Yes High 5's is way too low for soil. Shoot for 6.3-6.8. Not sure how much lime to add. I would add it little by little until your ph is in the proper range. If you use Miricle Grow Organic you do need to get perlite as well because MG Organic has garbage drainage.
  6. I would say those plants have a combinatin of problems..bad ph and a lack of food just too start of need to repot into a good john inns,sunshine mix or coco..Gret oyu self some good ferts and lights then you will be ok..
  7. we got, but it was really clumpy and appeared to have chunks of clay in it

    yes thats your problem, not to mention the tap root and some root hairs are being exposed the main root that comes and and allows moisture and food to be transfered

    clumpy soil causes air pockets and makes it harder for the roots to come through and displaces nutrients

    my advicei s to get them out of that soil, they will not grow no more in that soil mixture

    your plants have been sucked to death by sucking all the nitrogen out of its leaves
    the whitish color is whats left over from a severe nitrogen problem

    when you use another kind of soil... the mg organic mixture make sure you add some dolomite lime to your mixture, they dont have any in there that i recall......

    also the sooner the better you get that plant into new soil mixture, the plant is stunted and i can gurantee it wont grow much more in that soil mixture, one having a nitrogen deficiency and having the clumpy soil will hibit its growing

    you need to feed your plant, but what i would do is feed them and then after the soil drys up slightly switch them over about 5 days later

    depending on what nutrients you use, if its chemical DONT listen to the directions on the back of the box
    use 1/2 teaspoon per gallon

    stuff like MG peters all purpose 20-20-20 those are examples of a chemical fert

    organics are different, they are a little harder to burn your plants with, when it comes to chemical ferts, they will burn your plant alive if you use to much,...... then you have another problem on your hands :)
  8. Thanks for the replies. She's doing better now that I've switched her into a bigger pot with better soil. The pH is fine now also, the soil is reading a little under 7. One other thing; before this morning I hadn't watered it in 3 days or so and on two leaves the very tip of them are just turning brown. Above the brown spots the leaves are still turning white. I thought it needed some nutes, so I gave it some more water this morning. Any thoughts on this. Here's a pic.

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  9. what fert did you feed them and how much?
    and what soil mixture are you using

    it looks like your burning them now :eek:

    you using ph test strips? if so your ph is fine and you are in deed burning them :(

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