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  1. Hi, I think i overwatered my plants 2 days ago. I havent watered it since, the top 2 inch of soil feels dry now. What should i do about my plant? its at week 9 of flowering and 1 month in vegetative before that. its under 3 80w cfl and 2 23w cfl from sides

    q.jpg e.jpg
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  2. Sorry buddy I never seen a fucked plant on GC for a long time if ever

    tho not ready to harvest I doubt very much if she gets their,

    harvest now and an immediate restart with new seeds new compost

    this time use 50/50 warm white to cool white cfl's

    and use 75% less nutes

    good luck
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  3. Whoa that is fucked isn’t it, not even a witch doctor could save that. Hope you have better luck next run, this forum has helped me out loads try having a good look through all the useful info on the site that’s how I learned the basics of growing.

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  4. My condolences. You, clearly, put a lot of work into this project.
    It's time to blink, swallow, take a deep breath, and just start anew.
    Clean the place up, germinate a couple of seeds, and ask/tell us about what you're doing.
    (Something went horribly wrong)
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  5. last friday before i went away for a couple of days i watered the plant then filled the tray water was supposed to drip to a certain level (around 2-3 cm) sunday night i came back plant was like that. it was on a 12-12 schedule i opened the lights hoping it would help with the water evaporate/used up by plant. woke up and some of the lower branches started dying. Is it normal for a plant to die so fast in this condition?

    Ma girls looked like this before the accident :(

    IMG_1129.jpeg IMG_1124.jpeg IMG_1126.jpeg IMG_1125.jpeg
  6. Should i just harvest now or let it stay like that for a couple of days? idk maybe let it stay in dark for 2-3 days before chopping it?
  7. Well, that's up to you. It doesn't look as though there is much of a harvest (my eyesight...).
    You didn't indicate what had gone wrong (something went wrong), so you need to 'clean up'.
    While you're cleaning up, you can germinate your seeds.
    You think they'll fatten up in that three day delay?
    By all means! They may take off!
  8. To my profile on some free grow books

    good luck
  9. Did you spray it with anything? I don't see how it could look like this in a couple of days no matter how you watered. Remove all the leaves and see what happens.
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  10. No, im new to growing. was not using any spray or anything. i was just going to leave home for 3-4 days and didnt wanted it to dry.

    Since the pot has 2 plants(I was pretty lucky, never thought both seeds were alive) in it it dries pretty fast. I put a bigger drain tray and put water in draining tray after watering the plant. I put around 1-2 ml of basic flower feed in the water below. Maybe that was the problem? Idk if its enuff osmotic pressure to pull all the water out of plant tho : p

    I came back home early (2 days) and found the draining tray dry as bone, soil was moist and plant like that. I havent watered it since soil is mostly dry now too. idk if i should flush the soil or just let it wait like that
  11. I don't know either. Without understanding what happened I have nothing. Sorry.
  12. Take a look through Vostoc’s guides, see the ways it can be done, and start anew.
    I don’t know what you added to the water in the tray (that’s kinda new) or why the
    pot was dry if the plants were drowning in water.
    You should feel free to ask questions before you take actions.
    I, for one, will be MOST happy to help, if I can.
    Rock on...
  13. Will do that, cleaned up the place and germinated some seeds. Seeing some roots now, gonna put in soil in 2-3 days. Thanks for your help

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