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  1. So I've had this little baby growing for about 6 weeks. For the past 4 weeks or so the plant has been showing this dark spots on some of the leaves. The leaves begin developing this condition after they have aged a week or so (so mostly the older growth is affected). I have tried everything that I could read. I recently flushed the plant because I was figuring it was a ph issue and tested the run off at about 5.5 ph which I realize is low. So I flushed with water and watered with 7.2 ph tap water and cal mag mixture in hopes to bring the ph up. It appears my attempts were in vain however as the baby continues to be sick. I have never added any nutrients aside from the cal mag mixture because I thought it might be a calcium issue. It is in ocean Forrest soil, under 600 watt full spectrum led and just rando bagseed, stays between 77-81 degrees,low humidity, watered with 6.2ph water until recently flushed, IMG_0982.JPG IMG_0983.JPG IMG_0985.JPG on 18/6. Any one have any help for me on this? I'm getting ready to turn the lights and want to fix this before I do so. Before someone comments that it's a ph issue please elaborate on that. I've done tons and tons of reading and can't seem to fix it. At this point I'm ready to call in the doctors!! Please help! Thanks fam
  2. Are they still developing? Old spots will not go away. You can only stop new ones from occuring.

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  3. They are still happening. They were mainly on 2 of the large fan leaves when it was younger but as the new leaves grow larger some of them eventually start getting those spots
  4. How much cal mag have you been giving per GAL of water and what brand?

    How large is your pot?
    How much did you use to flush.

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  5. I've been giving 1 tsp/ gallon of botanicare. When I flushed it I used about 2/3 gallon of water and on the final pour during flush used the calmag mix. The pot about 12"high but 10" wide (not sure how that translates to liters). I water when the soil is dry to my first knuckle maybe every 2 daysish
  6. Hmmm
    That's not a flush per say. In a 3 gal you need roughly 9 gals of water to get rid of all the salts. If that tells you anything. I doubt you've fixxed with flushing. But knowing the size of the pot is important. I'm going to assume 5 gal because thats what mine is at that size. So 15 gals of water will get rid of everything. I'm really high my math might suck. But 3x the pot per flush.

    Also you can do a bit more than 5 ml of cal mag if you want I do 7ml myself.

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  7. Gotcha. I did notice when I was flushing the water the first few bowl fills came out looking like the color of Mountain Dew if that means anything? Do I run any risk of flushing the plant again? I did the flush 2 days ago.
  8. Cal mag isn't the worst issue to have. Let it completely dry out. I mean a near weightless pot.

    Yeah it'll be yellowish brown almost clear when it's done flushing I mean very close to clear.

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  9. I had the same problem before it is a ph issue. When your not ph'ing the water properly it causes lock out. I had a cheap ph pen at first caused a lot of problems for me, I got a blue lab pen works great. Get a good ph pen and give them water for a couple feedings then gradually start with nutrients again.

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