Sick plant, need help please

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by LeftyLefto, Sep 3, 2019.

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    Indoor grow, 2 bagseed females (was told they’re pineapple ex) 205w optic 2 Gen 3 cob, 3.5’x3.5’x5’ ft closet grow lined with panda film.
    Soil is promix hp in 5 gal smart pots raised up from the water trays by 2”
    2 6” fans circulating above canopy and below.
    Temps are 25c lights on and 21c lights off
    Rh is 50-60%
    Tap water from well, ppm is 160 and ph is 7.4 ish. Corrected to 6.5 every water and feed. Run off got down to 5.7 two weeks ago and has been adjusted to 6.4 for a little over a week.
    General Hydroponic Nutes. Micro, gro and bloom. Fed every other watering at 5ml of each nute per 2 gallons of tap water. Water is temp 22-23c.
    Began adding cal mag (magical) since Saturday with regular watering at 10ml per 2 gallon and Foliar fed with cal mag and ph’d water in a spray bottle.

    Problem seems to be an immobile one, started at the top and worked its way down. Purple woody stems - assuming mag issue which should be corrected soon. But the tips aren’t burnt but discoloured and they had a pink hue. Small growth, stunted. No more large fan leaves they’re small and light green.

    Need some help guys, first time grower...although that’s probably pretty obvious. Help is appreciated!!

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  2. Low phospherous
  3. I see your leaf tips are a bit "nute burned" but the plants looks "generally" deficient to me..........what do you feed and how often?
  4. Started at the top of the plant
  6. Phosphorus is a mineral. He didn't mean that it started low down. Email at your soil is lacking phosphorus see if plant is showing signs of a deficiency

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  7. I meant to say phosphorus is a mineral and that he didn't mean that the damage started down low. He meant that your plant is deficient on phosphorus because your soil is lacking the proper amount that the plant needs.

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