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  1. My plant isn't doing so well. I've been watering every 3-4 days. Medium is FFOF, MaxiGrow for Nutes, along with CalMag. Water is always phed to 6.5. It started with her leave tips turning brown & crumpling up. The leaves turn crispy & crumble off. I just flushed her earlier today. Maybe that will help? Is this Nute burn? I know I am not over watering or under watering because I always check if the soil is moist to my first knuckle.

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  2. What are the temps?
    What kind of light?
  3. Around 74 degrees in my tent & I'm using CFLs . 6500 & 2700k mixed together.
  4. Dude. If you are using FFOF you don't use nutes. Flush those plants with PH'd water and let them recover.
    Just water them, there is enough nutrient in that soil for a Minimum of 30 days. Adding more to it causes nute lock out. Just water it dude and you'll be fine.
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  5. If they start to look hungry, give em another flush, then after a while sure give em some food, but damn you don't need to be pumping that soil up with much of anything. FFOF is good stuff. I cut mine down to only 40 percent and still don't need any foodies for a long time.
  6. Do you have holes in them tubs? What are they draining into? Are root balls just sitting in a puddle of fert and nutes?
    Make sure they are draining. Flush em good man.
  7. That looks like some pretty bad heat stress you've got there. What are the overall temps in your room? I would get them down as much as possible AND get some serious airflow going around those plants. I don't know where you got that "first knuckle" thing as far as how to gauge whether your plants need watered or not, but toss that idea straight out the window. You don't water your plants until the container they are growing in feels as light as it did when you first loaded it with fresh dry soil. If it doesn't feel that light, then it's NOT time to water your plants. These things HATE having their roots sitting around in moisture all the time and if you're growing in a large container, it's impossible to know whether the plant is ready to water by feeling only a knuckle deep into the soil. If you really want to know whether it's time to water your plants or not, spend $12.99 and buy yourself a moisture probe for your soil. It will tell you straight up if it's time to water or not. Brown crispy tips are a sign of nute burn. If you've given this plant any nutes, you've probably started them way too early, as most do, and have burned your plants. Nutes are only meant to be given once the plant has had a chance to use up what came naturally in the soil. Before that, it's too soon. A small plant growing in a huge container of soil will take much more time to use up nutes than a plant in a small container. If you started this plant in this size container, I'm sure you thought something was wrong with it while it was only developing it's root system (which is what they all do first before starting to grow foliage too much, and started doing stuff to it that it didn't need. In veg, you need good light, good soil, properly pH'd water and practice good watering technique. Nothing much more is required until way on into the veg period if these things are right. READ, READ, READ in the new grower section. Devote as much time to learning the process as you did to figuring out what kind of setup you planned to use. They both work hand in hand and one is no good without the other. TWW
  8. My plant did the same thing over a month ago. I was using 3 gallon pots and flushed them with 9 gallons of ph water. Now there thriving I'll show you how mine looked. Mine had nitrogen toxicity from using BS Miracle grow and other issues. Never use anything with the MG logo! After a few weeks from flushing I bought FF Trio about a week in a half ago. Add used as directed on back of bottle, gave 2nd feeding last night and when I woke up most of her color came back. Here are some pics[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] that's how she looks now I'm a beginner so I would listen to more experienced Growers!!!! Good Luck With your Grow

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  9. Sorry for not replying back sooner, that chemotherapy really was hell.. But i know this post is over 2 months old but I just wanna thank everyone for replying to my post. It's very much appreciated. I have done ALOT of research & I have improved & learned so much about growing :D besides this short plant (only grew 18 in.) , I had another strain (43 in. tall :eek:) in the same tent (I know.. HUGE MISTAKE). Once the small one recovered, I put them to flower. I have began flushing the big one & i am going to harvest the big one in 2 weeks. The small one seems a bit behind. Since I'm typing this already, I'll just go ahead & ask. Is there any way I can harvest my big plant in 2 weeks & dry in my grow tent without having to harvest my little one? I only have one tent & I'm going to be using it for drying. Thank you all

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