Sick plant I guess

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  1. any idea what would be causeing this, (brown dots, pigment looking pale from the edges , and the egrets cupping upwards plus red stems )my second grow, it’s in a 15g bucket, ph is at 6, with a Pom of 757 and everything of 1.553ms/cm, water temp 21c, room temp about 25c and humidity of 55 and a fan blowing in them. This is week 4, the plant is revenging well pretty much done so not sure if that contributes. Iv researched, looked online and came up with cal-mag ( using tap water with 128ppm) or phosphorus defect. No idea if the red stems are genetic or anything I just got random bag seed from a ounce of Kush a while ago, used them for my
    First grow and they came out beautiful but with red stems, they seem to come and go tho whenever they feel. Any help would be appreciated!

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