Sick Plant Help; trust y'all organic blades more so posting here

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  1. Hey everybody, I should have posted a while ago asking about these sick puppies, can some one diagnose/give me treatment options? They're growing in a humbolt soil mix, mixed with my own compost, EWC, and more perlite. I've only fed them with a guano tea once, the rest has been ACT and straight water. Oh, Also one alfalfa meal tea feeding. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. The very first thing that I would do is to topdress your plants with some good earthworm castings - see if you can fit a solid inch in there.

    I would also make up a mix of kelp meal and alfalfa meal botanical tea - just mix a half cup of each into a 5 gallon bucket and bubble it for 48 hours and give it to them straight up.

    Please keep us posted.


    ps good luck.
  3. The more that I look at this, for some reason I'm thinking that you dont have much of, or have inferior compost and castings in there?

    There seems to be a lack of food, which could be either indirectly caused by the inferior or lack of compost& castings, or that there simply might not actually be any food for the plants and/or microbes.

    The second thing that i would do is to topdress/work in some Epsoma or similar organic fertilizer. These plants look like they're starving, which again, may be caused by either low CEC or lack of actual food.


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    This is from the hummer web site on their soil.

    The Humboldt Mix is a high porosity blend meant to be frequently fertilized and watered. This high performance, all purpose soil is able to handle virtually any type of crop, growing in virtually any type of garden. Humboldt Mix is blended with hand-selected materials and contains only top-of-the-line ingredients that ensure consistent performance

    You will have to fertilize this grow all the way through when your using this mix un-amended. IOW it's an expensive but blank mix like pro mix or sunshine.

    Plants looking like yours do, is why we purchase cheaper soil mixes and then amend those mixes. During the grow fertilize lightly and let the plants figure out what is the right amounts of fertilizers and the type. As long as you use this mix, you will have to play the role most of our soils do on their own.

    As it is now, to fix your plants you could transplant into a proper soil, top dress dry fertilizers, feed most at waterings, and or foliar feed. Since the plants look desperate I'd start pronto with an alfalfa tea spray. Soak some alfafa in water for a day or two strain and spray your plants, then top dress the rest of the alfalfa......Good luck......MIW
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    I agree 100% with Jerry and MIW (they are starving to death due to low CEC exchange) because I tried doing the same thing, only it was promix and the results were exactly like yours, dismal. Jerry and MIW have not steered you wrong do as they suggested and you may save the grow. To be perfectly honest though I highly doubt you will ever get the full potential from the genetics of the plant at this point. I am not saying this to bum you out I am just sharing my similar experience with you. I say this because some of those sun leaves will never recover. These leaves are very important in a grow. Good luck and I hope everything turns out ok for you. Have a good day.

  6. Yeah, it wasn't my first choice, but I had a bag leftover from my first grow (not organic). I figured if I put some quality compost in it, let it sit outside for a while, pour my leftover teas on it, the soil would be fine, but I guess not.

    I did some googling to find a fresh source for worm castings, because I know the crappings at the hydro store just don't compare.

    Thanks for the replies everyone, I'll keep y'all updated.
  7. Thanks for the reply broski. Do you really think I've hurt the plant that bad that I can't just veg them longer than planned for them to bounce back before flowering?
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    At the time I could not catch up to mine (make them the dark green the way they should be). Knowing what I know now maybe things would be different. They ended up flowering prematurely. Bud size was not as it should have been. I am not saying you can't fix it. My biggest problem was I did not know what the hell I was doing and was to stubborn/embarrassed to ask for help.

    IMHO it just plain old sucks to get off to a bad start in veg. You spend half your veg time trying to catch up. So in a nut shell next time get your soil correct from the start. Think of it as the foundation of your house. If the foundation is F*cked up the whole house will be F*cked up.

    Have a good evening. Good luck to you and I will be curious as to how you make out.

  9. by the way are you leaving comfrey in a water tray?

  10. Are you referring to the bit of comfrey you can see in one of the pictures? That's just some comfrey I started indoors about a week ago. Comfrey is awesome, I bought them in poor condition, but they're growing like crazy! I wish I could say the same for my MJ!

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