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Sick of ignorance

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Lucid_Reality, May 31, 2004.

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  1. I know most of us are in the same boat for this one about illegal substances, but does anyone else feel the same way about other issues as well? People are conditioned to feel shame for certain beliefs, based on society\'s politically-correct textbook lifestyle. Quite honestly I\'m sick of it. I have no problem with people who are drug users, pedophiles, homosexuals, those who wear \'weird\' clothing, have tattoos, piercings, question the government, etc...and the list goes on. I am a part of a few of these groups, so I know from experience why they should be given some respect. The vast majority of these people are not focused on the bad things in the world like society is, because they understand why they should be allowed to believe what they do. They are not part of an \'army\' where the higher commanders tell them how to live their lives. They understand how much happier humans can live without having to feel shame for something that can only be oppressed in the mind, not changed. They feel peace, acceptance and love rather than prejudice and ignorance. They understand humans on a much more emotional, respectful level than the CNN-hungry flocks. I say the problem lies in the intervention of these activities. That is the only real source of disruption in the natural harmony of life. If no one had a problem, where would the regret lie? Obviously the bad side would still exist, but is society actually fixing any of it? *COUGH* iraqi prisoners...We still have rape, murder and theft, but now we have crossed a fine line and harmed a lot of good people....

    I dunno how much of this makes sense, I\'m pretty baked :)
  2. i\'ll agree with most of what you\'re saying, apart from the paedo bit, that is just downright wrong........

    but i know what you mean about the if society continues the way it\'s going, and more people expressing they\'re rights for change, and changing themselves for the better, these people will become the majority, and they can do away with the politicaly correct textbook lifestyle..........

    but that\'s a long away away at present, but i do have a problem with junkies, here a junkie would stab you in the street for £10 for his next bag of smack (heroin)..........Peace out.........Sid
  3. Thanks for being rational about it, I know it\'s a lot to handle for some people. :)

    But see, part of the problem is considering something \'just downright wrong\' without really understanding it. I\'ve kept myself really open about a lot of issues, and that one just happened to make me realize that it\'s no different than being attracted to someone of the same sex, or seeing a really nice car. It doesn\'t mean you\'re gonna go act on impulse, it\'s just a natural orientation of the mind. It\'s the same thing that makes someone want to use drugs or enjoy a Krispy Kreme.

    As for the junkie stabbing someone, well, that\'s just part of life. Whether or not people accept drug use, it\'s gonna happen, so, to me, it doesn\'t make sense to keep the focus on the negative aspects of it, because it just fuels misery.

    I find my life to be a lot better now that I don\'t feel weird about what I believe. I\'m not a bad person because of any of it. I talk to people regularly who are against everything I have presented, and they see me as a perfectly trustworthy, positive individual - they just don\'t have to know about the real me :). What they don\'t know can\'t hurt them...or me for that matter. Beliefs don\'t make a person \'wrong\', it\'s how the person conducts his or herself under the influence of those beliefs. All I want to do in this lifetime is make other people happy and not worry about technicalities, and what the book says.

    Thanks for reading
  4. Great example, Hatebreeder, I see people ridiculed for the most pointless crap. You like metal, period. I think it\'s just the people without a sense of individuality who could find reason to attack someone else for personal preference.

    One of my friends called me a chick for drinking a Vex cooler. I didn\'t make any kind of conscious decision, I just picked what had the most alcohol, and I was called a female because of it. I just laughed, it sounded so stupid when he said that.

    Yeah, people are shallow.
  5. i\'m sorry man, a pedophile will always be a sick muthafucker in my book. they should torture them and kill them for messing with a kid

  6. Even if the kid wants it? Tell me you\'ve never had a little girl flirt with you out of nowhere...they\'re not stupid.

    Besides, it\'s not a learned behaviour like some skill, it\'s an innate attraction exactly like homosexuality. The ones who act on impulse in an inappropriate way I agree should be in jail, but most just want a good mutual friendship. I\'m not making this stuff up. \"killing and torturing\" them?? we\'re not living in the 1600s any more, wake up.

  7. you\'re a funny guy. i especially like how you mention \"even if the kid wants it...\" so if a 14 year old wants to have a sex with a 30 year old, it should happen with no consequences for the man because the girl wanted it in the first place? if you can\'t wait until the person is of legal age, you\'re going to do prison time for your shit. most want a good mutual friendship? most pedodphiles want a good mutual friendship with the child they\'re molesting? i need to wake up? hahaha this world has way too many liberals and you seem to be one of them. you dont think of how fucked up the children are that get raped and molested by adults? that shit stays with them forever, quit coming up with excuses for these sick fuckers.

  8. You are right they aren\'t stupid, they are innocent, and don\'t fully comprehend the situation. If a 14 year old kid wanted heroin, would that make it right for an adult to give it to them?

    Fuck no!! I usually don\'t let cleverly arranged points of light on a static display effect me emotionally, but your ignorant defence of sick fucks who prey on children really pisses me off. \"most just want a good mutual friendship.\" You gotta be fuckin kidding me! Pedophiles have had a direct and lasting effect on almost my entire family, and any moron who defended them to my face would be hard pressed to leave the room alive.
  9. I hope he didnt mean it in that way. Did you?

    Personally i couldnt do it. But i have seen some 15 year olds that literally look 19, bad to the bone. You have to check id\'s now adays.
    Some people may rationalize and say aw well 3 more years she\'ll be 18 and i was having sex at 15.

    But then again 14, she just started bleeding two years ago for cryin out loud.

    Maybe hundreds of years ago.

    I\'m thinking, thats somebodies little baby, ive got one and that makes me respect it even more.

    Theres way too many Women out here for that. Same with gaymen, women have assholes too, lol. I dont knock it as long as you respect other peoples space.
    (its hard enough for me to take a shit sometimes, let alone thinkin of some one cramming it back in, whooooo....)

    Do what the fuck you wanna do!!!

    Obey the law of the land, puh, personally i think thats bullshit and some asshole added to the good book to benifit them and maintain order by scaring the hell outa the general public.

    Do unto others...until some bible thumpn judge in a black robe comes and busts you up side the head with that book....
    In God We Trust
    Theres so many different meanings to so many different words and phrases.....Guess i\'ll start making up shit also.

    Where am i?

  10. Pedo really is sadly misunderstood.

    \"most pedodphiles want a good mutual friendship with the child they\'re molesting?\" keep watching CNN....

    I have heard many many many accounts of people who DO have consentual, harmless relationships with kids - it\'s just obviously never on the news because it would go directly against what they\'re trying to propagate. Not every adult-child relationship involves abuse, rape, or even sex for that matter! I don\'t know how pedophilia is equated with rape, most have the child\'s best interests at heart. Most can be equated with father/mother figures. I can\'t understand why people won\'t even CONSIDER a possibility they aren\'t being told - because drugs are illegal and bashed constantly on the news, does it mean drugs SHOULD be demonized as they are?

    Once again, I KNOW there are abused kids out there, BUT IT IS THE VAST MINORITY. We hear about it all the time, like huge drug busts, but it is a big world out there. There\'s a lot of happiness you obviously can\'t see, and I\'m sorry about that.

    I don\'t expect you, or anyone else to turn pro-pedo. It\'s just an issue that needs to be looked at more rationally.

    I invite you to check out

  11. Well thankfully I\'m not in the same room as you. I truly am sorry about your family, that story would make a LOT of pedos cry...the vast vast majority are interested in children\'s happiness, that is ALL. Most will NEVER force a child against his/her will. Why would you deny and discourage a child\'s sexuality if he/she wanted to experiment with it? Is that less emotionally-harmful than saying it\'s bad and something that should be hidden? And don\'t tell me children don\'t get those feelings.

    Very few adults who are attracted to children will act on impulse, and for the third time, yes, those people who DO, and harm the child, should be in jail. Love does not equal abuse, however. I\'ve heard a lot more stories about children whose lives have been enriched by an adult than those who have been destroyed by one.

    Before you call me ignorant, remember that I used to be in your shoes, against everything someone else considered \'immoral\'. I used to hate pedophiles too. Then I found out I\'d been lied to. By my parents, by society, by the media. It\'s tough to get around, but there IS happiness out there.

    And about the heroin, how do you equate an innate, harmless desire to excite the genitals, with a harsh chemical found on the streets from some guy named Jim? Wow...

  12. If someone took one of my kids, my sister or my brother and molested them and totally fucked up their mind, I would be on a manhunt. If someone came, just to see them, was affectionate, put the child\'s mind before his/her own, and respected what the child did or did not want to do, I would have no problem with it. I am NOT OK with kids being persuaded against their will. I AM ok with kids making a shameless decision to share feelings with someone older, provided the older person is respectful and mature about it - and believe it or not, big surprise, kids and adults can be happy spending time with one another. And I don\'t mean that in some twisted metaphorical sense. There is NO reason to look at all adult-child contact as bad just because it\'s what we hear about in the news.

    If you met someone who adored your kids/sis/bro, took them places, spent time with them, and put a smile on their face, would you condemn what happened? Is emotion not an end result anymore? Does happy really mean sad?

    You really need to get to know people before judging them. It\'s the same problem that happens with pot: pot=bad bad bad, and that\'s all people know...BAD
  13. To the oringianl poster, I adgree with with everything except the pedophile thing, little kids being molested and raped is not a good thing.
  14. It\'s the same thing that also happened to Michael Jackson!

    Now, i can tell you this, i\'m not sure about OJ, but im sure Kobe is innocent and Mike is innocent. You see how they tear\'m down so fast, they hate to see these boys make their paper.
    Maybe its all the beetles rights mike owns, or the rights to the \"happy birthday to you\" song. Maybe its because he\'s black.....umm maybe....
  15. Sick of ignorance???

    Nah. I can handle ignorance. I run into that everyday.

    This thread makes me sick, though. Pedophilia has to do with an adult wanting to or having sex with a child and I\'ve never heard of any sexually abused child having their life enriched by such a sick act.

    I\'m disgusted right now. I know people who have had their lives torn apart by sick fucks that took advantage of them.

    Vast minority, my ass! This is insanity in a thread! There is nothing lucid about this at all. It\'s going in the no longer belongs in the Spirituality forum.

  16. That makes perfect sense. I\'ve felt that way for years.
  17. Kids are to immature to know what is best for them.. Hell they don\'t know shit about STD\'s or what they will feel like or think of what they did when they to young..

    Most kids are not mentally stable enough or mature enough to know what is best for them...

    This is sick!
  18. \"keep watching CNN....\" what the fuck is that supposed to mean? if i watch it will they tell me the truth about pedophiles? i am looking at this rationally and i still can\'t believe you\'re thinking like a damn pedophile yourself. this thread disgusts me
  19. Some pretty fuckin sick shit in this thread.

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