Sick Of Chasing Weeeeeeeeeed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tokeitall, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. get this tonight me and my mate have been waiting at a school for 6 hours for our fucking dealer to show up and the cunt never ended up showing we were there from 6PM until 11PM before we finaly left:mad: AUS is fucked for chasing weed you's dunno how lucky use are you live over there its fucked and to make it worse we thought someone was gunna be a nice guy and buy us a stick and instead the cunt took of with our 25 buks:mad:

    sorry had to clear dat.......
  2. aus sucks ass imo... i mean there are hot girls there but i never did like the accent. and just a question... why near a school... thats the worst place to buy is at a school
  3. damn dog i feel ya pain, thats the ups and downs of the weed world man

    you'll get hooked up fat soon i can feel it, its just how the "wave" of ups and downs
  4. Living in Aus you have no excuse not to grow youself :p
  5. hahaha this has to be one of the most pathetic threads. I cant believe you waited for 5 hours to realize that you got ripped. pretty hurting...
  6. Grow! Grow! Grow!

    Oh well
  7. Sucks you got ripped although it doesn't take that long to realise it. You really just need better connects.
  8. Ah. The old, "Give me your money and I'll take it to go buy you weed and I'll be right back" trick. Never had it happen to me personally but I know of a couple people who had it happen to them. Next day dealer's tires were slashed and his car was keyed tho.

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