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  1. Just got this at artifax for 40 dollars is hits unbelievable, and can hold a lot in the bowl. i fit about 1.5 into it. Tell me what you think. I put up and 8th nug of C-99 i got on the wallet. and Some Purp Kush nugs in the Bowl. And a Fat blunt of Purple Kush me and a few friends rolled. But my good Cameras Broken. so i had to take them with a shitty phone camera.

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  2. Nice, I love spoons!! +Rep!
  3. Damn no love
  4. sick spoon bro, i like it
  5. Very nice.

    I just can't justify spending more than $30 on a spoon, but I'm also a frugal bastard.

  6. Yeah idk i just really liked it. it hits so hard to
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    Badass man, definitely wasn't nocking the purchase, that's a nice spoon!
  8. looks like a solid spoon yoo enjoy :smoke:
  9. Nice spoon, man
  10. Sweet spoon dude. Nice looking buds too! Enjoy!
  11. im diggin the piece man. good pick and not a bad price if she's thick and lasts.

    a nice thick bowl is worth 100 in my opinion so long as its SICK and lasts you your life (which is why im extra careful with my expensive piece).
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    I can dig that. If you're a spoon person, I guess price isn't really a factor.
  13. Yeah dude its thick as hell. I dropped it on my wood floor from pretty high up. Considering im 6"3 haha and didnt break or scratch
  14. cool ass spoon man i like it... it reminds me of my cousins... his was clear"when he bought it" but it had that same shape

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