sick new song

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  1. Dubstep sucks try picking up a guitar
  2. I have played guitar for 4 years. I have a Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster.

    maybe stop being so miserable? if you're in a bad mood to need to take it out online ;)
  3. You guys know that one dubstep song that goose "woop woop wamp woop woop pew pew wamp wamp"? No? Exactly.
  4. But this ones goes "Where did I go go go go go go go go go go"

  5. so by that logic no guitar solo's are good either because you can't sing them? i understand your point that in generally dubstep songs don't carry much of a tune, but you seem to just be pissed for no reason :confused:

    buddy stop trying to pick a fight just smoke one and relax :smoking: :wave:
  6. Guitar sucks, get a DAW.
  7. I find all dubstep repetitive and boring, check this out doe [ame=]SBTRKT - Wildfire - YouTube[/ame]

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