Sick n Stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by pelorico, May 10, 2002.

  1. Sick- bronchial infection. Medication- Amoxicillin and Ambuterol. Symptoms- Tight chest, hard to breath, loss of voice, terrible cough, and fever. Prognosis- Better in 2 days.

    Needless to say... I'M STILL FUCKING STONED!!

    Yeah, this little illness and this fine ass herb is slowly but surely making me feel like an unmoving mass of goo. I'm sure I'll still have enough energy to put a pinch of weed in my bowl every now and then, though.

    Just thought I would make a topic about being sick and stoned and if anyone can relate. It is really a different experience and if anyone has stories, please share.
  2. i had a slight cold and kept smoking....when im sick im usually sick for 1-2 days then im fine...but since i kept smoking i had a slight cough for 2 weeks....i would suggest u stop smoking...try canibussbutter if u need to be high
  3. Everyone I know says you'll be sick longer if you smoke. Stop smoking for a couple of days till you're better again, or you might end up feeling rough for weeks. And after 2 days, you can enjoy being stoned more because you'll be healthy again :)
  4. Thanks Kate or "Fup", and Dawodin. I know you are right, I actually have been laying off and need to more often. I think smoking got me sick in the first place. ....but, I'm still high.
  5. I am also hella sick. My throat is killing me, my right ear hurts when I swallow, headache, dizzyness, and overall "feellikeshit" mode.

    But, I've been smoking all day. Makes me feel better :(
  6. pot is waht keeps me from being so sick. it calms my stomache for some much needed rest. if i don't have it, i feel like i'm dying....but to each their illness
  7. man i got a bronchial infection while growing some shrooms that got its own disease. i probably developed it from breathing in the mold. anyways, i kept my cough and my brownish lungbutter for nearly 6 months because i didnt stop smoking. just stubbern i guess.

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