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  1. What's up guys? So I have 4 femed plants going,strain unknown. Out of the four two seem to be growing slower and one has leave tips curling down. Any ideas? I read that light stress and/or overwatering can cause this but I don't think this is the problem. Help please!

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  2. Looks like N toxicity, aka Nitrogen claw. Also make sure that at least the top inch of the soil is completely bone dry and the pot feels it's lightest before watering.
  3. overwatering...quit spraying them...i have grown thousands and never sprayed 1 other than to kill mites on clones i bought

    what kind of soil are they in??
  4. They are in FFOF with worm castings mixed in. I'm also using grow big big bloom and bush doctor. They all get the same amount of water so why would the other three be fine. Just curious. I water with nutes on Sundays and a light watering if the soil is dry in the middle of the week. I appreciate the advice.
  5. diff phenos react differently...they all look similarly affected, just some more than others. only water the soil when nicely dried...get a good feel for pot weight...dont water til it feel considerably lighter and soil is dry 1" down...and slow down with the nutes. i grow plants to that size and never feed anything other than 100ppm tap water at 7.2 ph. in ffof also...

  6. Sounds good. Thanks

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