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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by peewee, Nov 20, 2002.

  1. hey!
    got a problem with 1 of my plants-sum of the leaves hav got weird yellow markings over the sections of the leaf which turn brown + dry out in a few days. this is on bout 6 or 7 of the leaves already grown + also about 2 of the new leaves which hav started growing since this started to happen. i thought it mite be a nutrient deficiency but am havin difficulty findin out stuf bout it. any ideas???
  2. if it's only at the bottom of the plant on the bigger fan leaves it sounds like a nitrogen deficiency.if so it will slowly progress to the top..the plant will actually feed off it's self...if it is all over and you are seeing dark green leaves then they start to turn yellow then brown you most likely have a nitrogen burn..."too much"...if it's a burn you should flush right away with some good distilled ph balanced water..and lay off the ferts for a week and let the plant recover...hope this helps..
  3. Here is a question for ya,

    I see this all the time, dont understand it... never asked.

    excuse the sound of ignorance, its certianly hard to do, but how the hell do you adjust your water ph? ph up and ph down solution?

    take care.
  4. Simple....bottled water is what you need. Bottled water is not too acidic nor too basic, go with the bottled water.
  5. Ah... how ... simple.


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