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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by katie, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. Seeds or clones, source? clones
    How old are the plants? second week
    How big are the plants? 4 - 6 inches
    Lighting wattage & distance? 3 feet on 400 watt MH
    Soil ingredients or hydro system? soil
    Container size? 1 gallon
    Watering frequency? How do you judge this? every 2 day a little bit, soil color changed
    Fertilizers used and how often? own mix fert (Canadian style), every 2 day a little bit
    How do you ventilate the space? 12" fan
    Other details?
    i am a first time grower, and got the recipe from some canadian expert for fert mix with grow, micro, vita mix, and ej grow for water day.

    and still had not yet buy the ph tester for soil, so i don't know, and temp is about 25c day and about 18c night, humidity i think is about 50 - 70 %

  2. here some pics

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  3. ...

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  4. 1/ a 400w is a powerful light source to have clones under, especially if they have not rooted yet

    2/ you didn't state what was wrong with the leaves?.....are they yellow?, wilting?......from the front/sides/back.....

    3/ i wouldn't add any fert to clones as the soil has enough nutes in it allready.

    i'd say the problem is overfert, but need to know what the leaves are like......if they are going brown and crisp, and on the sides, then i'd say overfert.........Peace out.......Sid
  5. we have posted that while they were loading then!!

    i'd stop adding fert, check the ph of the soil, as it's prob too high, being new soil, and also having fert added every other day...........if it's wrong, flush with ph adjusted water

    i'd also ease back on the watering as well......after the flush if it's needed........Peace out.......Sid
  6. ps, what strain is it?.........Peace out.......Sid
  7. the last one...

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  8. some of the leaves curling down, some curling up, some curling inside from side, and some leaves getting cruchy, hard, and look like bubble on them?
  9. looks to me like just too much of a good thing.

    maybe set them back on the lights...400w is alot of newly rooted plants.
    cool white CF's are much gentler on new clones.

    and i wouldnt be feeding them anything. maybe, just maybe a very weak and low N fert but i would be careful. ur soil looks good and will hold ALOT of ferts and u dont want the salt content of unused ferts hurting more than helping.

    but i think they look ok...unless this is a sudden change. then i would look to repot them into new soil.
  10. is that mean my plants are too much fert? so should i just give them less and more water now?

    and i will keep posting their pic every few day.

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