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  1. So my plant is beginning its 2nd week of veg cycle and and I had root bound and or watering problems a week or so back - turning the the leaves droopy and yellowing in spots.

    As you can see the same leaves are still yellow and droopy and have gotten a bit worse.

    I've since transplanted them to a bigger pot and have corrected my watering habits (im getting good runoff which i wasn't before and Im getting the hang of testing for when i need to water them again).

    All new growth has looked healthy (4 full sets of 3-fingered leaves)

    Question is: Should I cut the older sick yellow leaves or is their worsening condition an indicator that my plant still has issues?

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  2. the damaged leaves will not recover. let them be. just keep an eye out on the new growth.
  3. k thanks for the reply
  4. Personally I would cut that bottom leaf.
  5. Easiest way to water is the pick up method. Heavy its fine, light its time to water. Rarely fails if ever at least in my case.

    Alot start off small then work there way up to bigger pots. I germinate and plant in its final resting spot.

    What kind of soil are you using?

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