Sick Leaves after flushing? Whattodo? *pics*

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by LunarHaze, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. This is my first grow and unfortunately my lady suffered a big stress because I didnt realise early enough that she had a PH lockout. It was a 5.2 PH run-off 4 weeks into it and I realised after 1 week of browning leaves.

    As soon as I realised the PH lockout I flushed her, leaving her with a 6.5 PH run-off but she suffered a big stress. The thing is that I gave nutrients for the first time as soon as I flushed her and that might caused a problem?

    Some background info:
    Strain: Lowryder #2
    20/4 light cycle 200W CFL
    5 weeks old
    in a PC box using soil
    Counting 5 days after the flush now

    The top leaves are not looking good at all (having suffered the flush and everything) but the new leaves coming out and the bottom ones seem very healthy.
    Should I cut off the sick leaves?
    And what I am worried about is the top bud (the rest of the buds are fine), its almost completely brown and dried what should I do?

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  2. Bump, any ideas what to do with the dead/sick leaves?
  3. what type of soil...have you added any nutrients? if so what kind?
  4. Does it matter what type of soil since i flushed it with 30 litres of water? It some some good quality compost with added John Innes and nutrients for 4 weeks.
    I used organic BioBizz nutrients BioGrow BioBloom and Top Max about 1/3 strength of the recommended about 5 days ago.

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