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Sick Homemade Bongs/Bubbler

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 0huefe, May 10, 2011.

  1. #1 0huefe, May 10, 2011
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    These are all my Homemade Bongs, and Bubbler. I do own a colorchanging glass bowl, but I rarely smoke, so why buy expensive glass when I'd barely use it. Trust me, I have the money. My extensively wealthy Grandmother presented me with 200 K to me when she passed. I have enough, but I'm becoming a firefighter, on my sophomore year of college. Anyways check these out...The largest one is a triple chamber, double percolated bong; with ashcatcher. The second largest is a triple chamber, single percolated bong, with ice catcher, and a diffuser. Third, a simple single chamber bong with diffuser. Lastly, the little pill bottle bubbler, you can hit it dry, or throw some water and ice in there and make it realll smooth. All hit well, and i have a universal, metal bowl slider for all my homemades.

    P.S: Sorry for the pictures being sideways, I have no clue why my iPhones' pictures tend to do that.
  2. Nice, a lot more interested in the bong though.
  3. Would it kill you to rotate the pictures before uploading them? :/
  4. told you, I don't know how to from my iPhone.../:
  5. Weird combination of poll and thread topic.

    Cool bong though. :D
  6. Aha yeah, I was breaking up my bud with my hands/: I usually have my SharpStone, but I lost it-_-. SO i decided to make a poll about it, hey, at least it's popular!:)

  7. wait, what do you mean? like too much writing at the top before i get to the bongs?

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