Sick Holdover Peice

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  1. So i went to the headshop the other day with my friend and he got some sick dubble bub with a nice tree perc at the top. really a very cool peice but i couldnt leave there empty handed. so picked up this lil guy to hold me over another month or two =P

    Its a medicali beaker maybe 14 inches tall.

    I also put a ben wilson slide on there

    And an Alex K showerhead downstem.

    Shit rumbles

    sorry bout the pictures were taken from my phone. and its a lil dirty got the mornin bowl pack in. but lmk what you guys think!
  2. fuckin sick dude
  3. Sweet shit man. Especially for a holdover peace :smoke:

    How much did that run you?
  4. I think thats a sick bong man. Medicali is great, + the alex k and disc slide make that one bad ass functional tube! Enjoy it man, post some milks!
  5. will deff try to get some milks up. but it cost me 85 for the tube, and 35 for the showerhead, and 25 for the bowl.(already had the downstem and bowl just happened to fit perfect)
  6. great pickup for the price
    smoke on~!
  7. yeh i just couldnt pass it up for the price

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