Sick Green-O-Matics at 53days from seed!!?? HELP

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Canadian RooR, May 15, 2011.

  1. So guys i cant figure this one out, my green-o-matics are on their 53rd day today. First off the buds aren't really "buds" its shot the sexing pods as well as a few more calyxes but nothing more and all the bud leaves are getting frosty but barely any bud production:confused: weird for day 53 they should be solid nugs by now... and the top growth leaves on the crown nug is purple... not from cold weather and this strain is not supposed to show purple from what i have heard sooo? WTF is with these phenos? and at day 53 all trichs are clear non cloudy or amber? again... WTF!!!!:mad:
    as well my lower leaves are turning yellow slowly and some leaves have like yellow brown spots appearing on the leaves as well the leaves feel hard and dry yet their not? soo weird :( gahhh i need these for smoke up here in the north while im doing the guerilla grow so i wanna get this fixed if its even possible :( try and help out guys even though i know not alot of ppl have grown GHS Green-O-Matic :) thanks ya'll

    Here are pics of the plants not really the issue but yeah just so you have a general idea
    (The 2 on the left... one on right is afghani special doing real well)
    (This is the one with more purple)

  2. 53rd day of what? We need to know how long they've actually been seeing 12 hour nights. In the pictures I see no serious problems.
  3. Dude it's an autoflower, it doesnt need 12 hour nights.... its not photosensitive.
    and it grow seed to weed in 60-75 days...... sooo 53 of thos days is how far along it is.. :p
    so any guesses now :p

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