Sick gravity bong

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  1. Me and my dude made a perfect gravity bong, hit like a champ.



    we took about 3 a piece to the dome.

    happy tokin :wave:
  2. That's pretty sick dude. I've never tried gravity bong but it sounds interesting.
  3. Nice gravity bong! What are you using for the bowl?

  4. Thanks man. I highly suggest them. Easy to make, and will push your shit back. lol
  5. Some 5 dollar bowl i got at my local smoke shop for my bong, when the old one broke.
  6. Very nice and creative man! Good job!

    I think the biggest ive ever seen was a water cooler jug cut at the bottom and used in a garbage can filled with water. That was killer!
  7. dude thats awsome

    Ive always wanted to get a trashcan and put a bowl on the bottom part. Then put it in a pool and do it like a gravity bong. Then swim under it and go up inside it so youre in a giant can of smoke. I dont know if it would work but I wanna try bad
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  8. that would be amazing + rep

  9. use a one of those big water jugs they use at offices to dispense water like 50 gal or something.

    they are easy to make a bowl for because the top is like a bottle so you can use foil takes about 3.5g to milk it
  10. I like gravity bongs...they get you higher faster, but one thing I HATE about them.....Resin fucking builds up in your mouth's nasty to have black shit on ur teeth. I'm done....Nice bong by the way. My homeboy has one with one made out of a 5 gallon bucket and a 2 gallon gatorade jug. Only 2 people have cleared it out of countless that has tried...Me and him haha. I passed out after clearing it for a few minutes.
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  11. nice gravity bong yo.. gatta love the hawiann punch bottles! hah.

  12. Lol, yeah the first time i cleared the full thing, i had the " oh my fucking god my face is melting off i have to sit down and hold my face for a few minutes" reaction.
  13. I use the same thing but with the Hawaiian Punch holding the water and a 2 liter filling up the smoke.
  14. nice and ghetto with that hawaiian punch container:smoking:

    when me and my bro used to hit the grav, we had the 3L off brand bottles from the dollar store as the base and used a regular 2L for the smoke. thing hit like a champ and i miss using those
  15. grvs are the best way to get really reallly high off a lil bit of weed. first grav i ever took was a 3 litre soda bottle. took it all, coughd all over the kids garage for a good five minutes, ate like 4 bowls of cereal. was soooooooo blazed i could walk straight.

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