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  1. Whatsup everyone!

    Haven't posted on the forum in months, but now I'm back! So myself and three of my close friends wanted to get a sick piece of glass.. We've been smoking habitually for over 3 years now, and have had our share of small glass pieces, but usually stay with blunts.. We're ready to move on to the big leagues now, so we have accumulated a bankroll of roughly $200-300. I've been searching around for the last few days trying to find a ridiculously good bong but haven't really found anything that really caught my eye... Can anyone throw out some ideas and possibly links to some awesome pieces? I've had my heart set on a RooR for years, but I'm open to all suggestions! Thanks so much everyone in advance! :smoking:

  2. I really wouldn't buy a RooR. The first tube I ever bought was a Illadelph Gong, and I loved it BUT it got to the point where I was bored. Gongs are just very simple, and eventually you are going to want something a little more "heady." So I'd say go for a mini Toro, or a SYN showercap, or LW. Check out alt.
  3. Take a look at Stone Glass Works and SG Sovereignty over on ALT.
  4. OK...
    Either a SYN Showercap mini
    a SGW Waffle or Inverted Circ.....

    One of those and you will be veryy happy.
  5. For high end, functional, scientific glass, aqualab is basically your one stop shop. I agree with what iCU said above, also check out Luke Wilson's selections as he has been putting out some killer stuff in that price range as well.
  6. Do you want something fancy with lots of diffusion or something that will never break. Get a US Tube 9mm if you'll be passing it around, it's the thickest glass there is.

    Or go on to ALT and get like a 7mm or 9mm with a perc if you still want something thick+smoothe or just some 5mm tube with crazy diffusion.
  7. Good point actually, since you and your buds are throwing down I'm assuming this glass is gonna get used constantly. A US tubes might be your best bet especially if you guys aren't experienced bong owners.
  8. this. get a US Tube, you dont want to get a roor as your first bong just to accidently break it, get a thick US Tube that can take a lil wear and tear.
  9. Still, what is this ALT you guys speak of?

  10. LOL if you were really experience you would know that ^ bong is a rip off and a bad choice.
    A large base means nothing if it's that tall, I just made a post like this in another thread but you will gate a 2 foot bong after a while foe these reasons:
    Something that tall will be unstable, it will be difficult to clean, store and maintain AND everyone knows that beakers+lots of height=drag not including that crappy perc will add so much drag.

    As a general rule, don't get a tube taller then 18", that's the standard tall bong and most real quality glass won't come in something that large.

    It's the same with herb, quality or quantity?
  11. trying to get onto ALT as we speak, but its not working.. anyone else having this problem
  12. yep. it's been down for me for quite some time now.:confused:
  13. Uber sadface!!!!!!!!!
  14. So after careful consideration, and one of the friends being a drop-out punk.. We've dropped our pricerange, in consideration of first (good) bong.. Currently our choice is:

    Messias Illusion Double Percolator Ice - Dutch -

    Good reviews, looks good.. What do you guys think? Trying to stay below $150 now, with tax.
  15. I had that exact tube....
    Its what you pay for.

    Hope this helps. For the record..I bought it to see for myself what the hate for WeedStar was all about. This things got tonns of drag, but for a first tube you''ll prolly like it if you've never hit a high end piece.


  16. For that price you could get a 5mm Ehle that's like 16" with a diffused downstem. Personally I would not buy WeedStar.
  17. Again. Not recommending that tube at all.

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