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Sick from weed (semi first timer)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dekree, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Greetings, you may or (probably not) may not remember a thread i made here a looong time ago, ill try to keep it short again.

    Some time ago i wanted to try weed for the first time and found someone where i could get it from.
    which then made me have the following experiences from it

    First time: did it alone i felt great giggling like an idiot etc, i loved it :eek:

    Second time: coming up felt strange and i felt nauseaus and sick, then i had to run to the bathroom because i started gagging, feeling 'something" vomit-like coming up, but it did'nt come out, went out for fresh air cured me both of the nausea and high.

    Third time : this time at a friends house, started really fine, then it became weird, i was terrified of speaking as for some reason i thought my voice would come out of my mouth at wall shattering volumes, shortly followed after with again the 'gagging but not vomiting part"

    After that i tried it a few more times in joints, and the lightbulb method, and after a few hits i get a slight nausea, and the feeling "something" is building in my throat near my adam's apple.

    Anyone have suggestions or something, it would be a shame to never have anything like that first time feeling again without the nausea etc. :(

    Edited for spelling
  2. that sounds horrible i just wouldnt blaze if i were you
  3. It might be really bad weed, or, something that people usually don't suspect; maybe you aren't puffing right, making taking too big hits too fast.

    I know I have to watch myself, if I go too fast, it screws up the high.
  4. This Happened to me once.. I thought it was because I didn't eat anything at all, so it fucked up my stomach. Or maybe you swallowed the smoke. That plus not having ANY food in your system could fuck you up.
  5. Hapend to me first 2 times I got high but never again after that ......and today I'm a happy toker :D
  6. my buddy chris got this his first couple times aswell, but then he finally threw up. He said that he was top selfing all his hits and not exhaling all the way so eventually he couldnt get enough actual air and got light headed and nauseous (sp) so my advice is to take moderate sized hits and make sure you get out all the smoke

    happy tokin
  7. If you have animals that shed, inspect your nuggets, if you smoke hair you will throw up.
  8. Are you swallowing smoke? That makes alot of people sick. You gotta inhale like you would if you were to hold your breath.
  9. Inhaling a lot of air with your puff might help too. I wish I could show you, Lol.
  10. I inhale this way

    kinda 'suck" some of the smoke in my mouth first without inhaling, open mouth slightly, breathe in, breathe out.

    Seems to be the right way :confused:
  11. I take it in like it's air and have it expand in my lungs. Wait 5 sec or so, exhale.

    Maybe you're having bad sinuses/alergies? Sometimes i can't smoke in the morning or i'll get 'sick'. Maybe it's anxiety.
  12. It happend to me the first time I ever smoked. It was a bong hit of blueberry, and I coughed so bad I had to run to the bathroom 'cause I thought I was going to puke but I didn't. I wasn't even out of the bathroom yet when the high hit me, and it was the best thing ever! Everything turned into pure heaven, and I've never stopped since. Now I smoke just to cure nausea, ha ha!

    It has NEVER happend since.
  13. well one girl i know, the first few times she smoked she got the same thing as you just alot more hardcore, just shook it off and didnt tell anyone and figured it was side effects, but then she ate firecrackers and because the THC was in her and couldnt get out, it had much more serious effects and she had to be hospitalized, turns out she's allergic to THC and if she smokes more than 0.8 grams with more that 10% thc in it she could risk dying and it runs in her family

    this probably isint the case with you, but be careful, it could very well just have to do with your inhaling

    when you take a hit, try having liek the corner of your mouth open very slightly so that you get a stronger suck and it goes straight to your lungs, its what i do and i can get fucked off of just 2-3 hits. you'd be suprised at how much smoke doesnt go into your lungs if you either dont take a breath after or dont use my technique
  14. Man, what a fucking bad luck... allergic to weed... that really sucks ass.
  15. the 'something' growing in your throat part i think is just really bad dry mouth, just drink aload of water or something. or it might be phlegm? again, drink alot.
  16. i had the same shit the first few times i got high, keep blazin and youll build up a better tolerence.
  17. So without the ahem "pitstop" inside my mouth ?

    I've always drank a lot of water when i smoked

    That's the plan, a friend is taking me to a coffeeshop, where we're gonna buy some different strains then keep trying till it works, or it doesn't and then quit :eek:
  18. My buddy does the same exact thing. He takes hits like he's smoking a hookah. He takes these monster rips and holds them in for way too long. It's lack of oxygen that makes you sick, and because you're so high, you start getting paranoid, and being sick and paranoid is a horrible combination.

    You just have to figure out a smoking method that works for you. I never had anyone teach me how to smoke. My first cigarette was alone (only smoke Djarums and only once or twice a week, so it's not like I'm a big smoker) and figured it out after a while. Same with cigar, and weed. I always used to swallow some, but I never got sick off of it. Just burps that when you're stoned are the funniest things in the world. I've gotten better at it, and only swallow once in a very very small while. You'll figure it out.

    Have fun!
  19. Did you feel like you almost couldn't stop swallowing your saliva? If you're highly stressed (whether you realize it or not), some people's throat muscles and tongue have a nervous twitch. If you were in a state of stress and smoked a bit too much it could get amplified, leading to the twitch. I experienced this type of thing twice during finals.
  20. used to happen to me bro

    id have a bowl, or joint and be on my like 4th or 5th hit, and all the sudden id cough, my eyes would burn, and id feel like i was gonna puke, or die in general. it always went away in like 2 min, and i still got high, so idk. hahaha. doesn't happen any more tho.

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