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Sick from Pot?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Giggly Puffs, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. Has anyone heard of someone getting sick while stoned for the first time? Any recommendations on how to deal with a sick friend?
  2. get the person to have some sweet sex with a stranger. ya.
  3. Never been sick from weed myself. A bit dizzy from time to time. A friend of mine hurled once after only two tokes. Go figure?!
  4. i've blown chunks a couple times before from smoking... but they were only from me taking insanely huge hits, and coughing so hard it just came up. never really got sick though...

    i know a couple younger kids who can't hold their weed well. they take a few rips from my bubbler, wait like 10 mins, then end up puking. lol. eventually they'll get the hang of it though.
  5. I've only felt sick once from smoking... the other times were cos I took huge hits.

    Wait..... wasn't that what Cottons just said?



  6. I've only felt sick from pot when I hit my friends 6 footer. Too old for that shit now though! I do like to smoke when I'm sick though, it seems to releave some of the sickness, plus I think you can get higher when you're sick.

  7. ...on it or in it?
  8. most of the time the sickness is just cause your really tired. you cant really get sick off pot.
  9. I used to get sick from taking big bong hits. Then almost dry heave. But that is all.

  10. if almost puked from taking a massive hit from res i scappred from my bongs once ... thats the closest i've ever came with mary jane ... and i've never drank to the point that i've hurled... even though other people hurl at the same amount ... i geusse its the achoholism that runs in the family ... eeerrrr
  11. Yeah i've puked from coughin so damn hard... One of my friends fuckin puked for like a minute straight after smokin for his first time.... It was fuckin nasty but it was funny as hell.. memories...
  12. sometimes i'll accidentally swallow some of the smoke off a huge bong rip, very nasty icky gross feeling afterwards, kinda like the stomach flu and an annoying headache at the same time... yuck

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