Sick flowering Plants (PICS INSIDE)!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by e3ment444, Dec 28, 2009.

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    my set-up
    2x4x6 grow hut6
    6 soUr D
    3.75 net cups

    my temps are 76-85(lights On) 66(lights off)
    Rh is Always 13-20 % Min 50% high

    Important factor Is that my ph Was way off for 2 days 1 week ago flushed for 2 days
    cleared up a little bit but then got Worse like nut Burn.
    The ph Was Around 6.1 6.6 when it was Way off


    my nutrients are Flora nova 2 part ppm Is 274
    ph 5.4 - 58
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    Bumb NEED heLP!
  3. ITs getting Worse!!!!!! SOMEONE PLease Help this unsolved mystery:mad:?!
  4. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. I've never grown in the stage you are in but from what I understand that is just from CO2 deficiency.

    Also, maybe your root system has a salt build up and a result would be your plants roots being unable to take in nutes
  5. Well like you stated it might be the changed up and the shock from it all, but looking at it, it looks pretty normal, alot of the leaves will turn closer to harvest as it sucks the life out of them and puts into the buds!
  6. Im Not towards The end of flowrering Though! Im only 5 weeks,

    but I dont think its a salt Def. because I am Noticing THe Farthest 2 On the right Are growing Alot.

    The Middle One Is the worst by far, it Now has No big Fan leaves,

  7. Are you losing just the fans leaves or the newer growth too? newer leaves.
  8. The New growth is Very green n good,

    I am Going to Chop One Down Tonight cuz of spidermites:(.
  9. Bumb Ne One Else~!
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    Dude, I'm dealing with similar problem. You can see my post. Is that a hydro setup? If you are seeing spider mites on one plant, they all might have them. I find a good quick knockdown cure is using garden safe with pyretherin. That won't harm your plants but don't use within 2 weeks of harvest. Neem is another way to go but doesn't kill the mites by poision. It works by screwing with their minds and they forget to eat and reproduce so it takes longer to clear them up.

    I'm not an expert but have read quite a bit and have considerable experience and will help you out if I can as I'm having the same problem. I see you are using different nutes than I am. I"m using Advanced 3 part at 1500ppm. Your nute level seems low but I've never used that brand.

    I've tried flushing and have since pulled off all the yellow leaves and changed my nute solution. I don't think ph being in the 6's is that critical but 5.5 would be better. Don't forget when you add PH chemicals it reflects in your PPM. I need one of those slick testers that test for the individual nute level. But you seem to have same problem, yellow leaves and small buds. When is the last time you dumped your solution? Do you have air going into the nute tank?

    Please don't be offended by my questions, just trying help you out. You might know more than me...

    I've read that this is sometimes due to contamination in the medium. I always try to wash my hydroton rocks in bleach. I even read on this forum where someone said to use a solution of 1 TSB bleach to gallon of water and put in in your nute tank but I haven't tested it.

    Whatever it is, its a mystery. Are you top feeding?


  11. just bump up the nutes a little and youll be fine, yellow leaves are a nitrogen deficiency
  12. Yes I am using a hydro set-up, n I do have a spidermite issue Which I sprayed neem oil/mixture On the all of the under sides of the leaves.

    I tryed the same thing Flushed for 2 days, I flush my Res. every week,
    Yes i have two airstones in the My res.

    and ha i tryed/ did the same thing i boiled my hydroton

    Will get pics Tonight when light turns on.
  13. Do you know the PPM? They look fert burned to me.
  14. SmknVtec raises a good point to, what is the EC level of your water? if you have it by anychance? Otherwise man, I dont know, does look good, I would just keep an eye on your ph and nute intake. If you can maybe use water from a Reverse Osmosis filter.
  15. I agree w/Smokin....looks nute burned to me too. Rinse out your res, run plain water for 2-3 days. After that, add nutes back at 1/2 strength. A little hydrogen peroxide in your res will help prevent root issues and oxygenate. For a 5 gal res, use 1/4 cup peroxide.
  16. My ppm Level is 370

    1 1/2 weeks ago it started i Flushed For 2 Days then Started nutes Full Strength,

    I am actully using r/o Water,

    but i AM GOING TO flush tonight Plus add 1/4 cup of peroxide

    thank you for the HELP!!

    NE HELP comments Is welcome
  17. dude, if you are n 5 th week of flower, first off i am in the 5th week as well, your plants look as though you took too many fan leaves off, but, on the other hand, even if have flushed and the numbers and specs are all back to normal, the damage in the older leaves will not recover, this late into flower you are not likely to see any new growth, things should be slowing as far as veg growth. Towards the end of flower your fan leaves are going to yelow anyway, the plant is sucking the life fom the only place it has life left. it does apear that there was a nute burn issue, just make sure it doesnt further damage any further. You've done the flushing and the nute change, if you dont have it, you will need air in the rez, check that the walls of your rez arent funky. There is not much you are going to be able to do now, hopefully there are still enough good big fan leaves remaining for the plant to do the rest of its flowering production, just wait it out now. :wave:

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