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    Recently the plants have been moved from buckets under a fluro to new homes in the flower room under 600 watt hps. Now one of the plants looks real sick and a few others are not looking crash hot either. I'm hoping a fellow blade can help me diagnose where I'm going wrong. Ph 5.3-6.2Ppm 600Nutrients canna aqua rangeVega, rhizatonic and canazym

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  3. I have flushed the whole system and readded nutrients.

    I also have raised the lights right up incase it was light shock from going from dim to ultra bright.

    I use tap water with a ppm of 80.

    The air system is making the buckets boil compared to the seedling system they were in before.

    If you need more information please ask to help me diagnose the problem,

    I have looked at many sick plant pictures trying to find one with the exact symptoms. Don't want to damage them further with a bad diagnosis.
  4. Hey I noticed you said p.h 5.2 - 6.3 or somthing along those lines. In my experience letting the p.h fluctuate from one end to the other will cause a lock out. Flush through with PH'd water at 5.5 and keep it there. Fingers crossed you get there in time.

  5. Thanks for the reply, I've done a flush and keeping ph @ 5.8 for a bit. What ph drift range is acceptable for dwc hydro. ?
  6. Thanks for the reply, I've done a flush and keeping ph @ 5.8 for a bit. What ph drift range is acceptable for dwc hydro. ?
  7. No probs. Id say from 5.4 - 5.8 never over 6.

  8. what does your roots look like?and what is your water temps?
  9. Roots are massive and look healthy, in a homemade 30 litre black bucket with 5 others that recirculation to a main reservoir.

    Air supply is from a 70litre/min pump split 6 ways. So getting a bit over 10 litre/min air per bucket.

    Water temperature @ 19c.
    Room temperature @ 21c

  10. Well from some advice and some tubing I flushed the system again. Added tap water and nutrients. Will list the following;
    Tap water @ 90 ppm
    Add cal,mag +iron @200ppm
    Add canna aqua grow @200ppm
    Add a touch of ph down

    Water temp @ 15.9c/60.62f
    PH @ 5.87
    Nutrient solution @ 490ppm

    Plants current health is looking better, will report back in 24 hours.

    Possible problem Ph was too low.
    New range for Ph 5.8-6.4

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