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    I normally don't grow from clones, But my last two seeds failed, and I wanted to get a winter grow going ASAP that I can set outside to flower the end of January. These two are on sale for 10 bucks at the local dispensary.

    They're being grown in a 20"x15"x22"H box with about 50 to 60 watts of LED. I can adjust up to 90W
    I really have no control over temp and humidity, so, Temp is about 75 to 80, and the humidity is between 30 and 50. I set the plants up on a little riser, and put a little water in the tray to bring the humidity up a little bit around them.

    They're in 50% coco/perlite, 50% ocean forest, with a little extra perlite added.
    Water is a mix of my tap with distilled and pH is 6.5.
    The Roots look good, I popped one out of the container and The roots were enough to hold the soil together, and we're nice and white, and they even are peeking out the holes in the bottom.

    This is when I first got them on December 7th.

    This is 12-11

    and today 12-24.
  2. unfortunate situation you may be able to save them but act fast
  3. Not sure what to do at the moment. I have made cuttings of hundred of plants, just rarely do cannabis.
    I used the same bag of soil for my last plants wit no problem, so i don't think its that. They should have enough nutes fro the soil for now. Coco was buffered. Botth have been sitting since summer.
  4. trash them and try again
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  5. [​IMG]
    look close see the green veins in a yellow leaf thats calmag time,
    as fr your mix is trouble is the coco that hold nutes, allowing nute toxicity to build up

    right now if these were mine I'd potup to a 3-4usg pot or 15/20 liter with 50% perlite and 50% FFOF
    a light spray of calmag or epson salts will ease the pain, 1/2 tsp to a pint of warm water shake and spray would show results in about 60mins so take a pic first

    good luck
  6. Coco is inert and has zero nutrient value. fresh from the bag FFOF has a small charge that lasts 2 weeks or so. They look like they are starving to death. More food and more light. Brighter / Closer / Both. I haven't moved to LED I'm still running T5 high output and those I can run as close as I want without actually touching leaf to lamp. Keep them close and move the lights up a bit every day. CFLs are the same and can be run dead close up.

    With LED your going to have to experiment on your own but I can tell they are lacking both enough light and food.

    You can veg outside if conditions are warm enough and they would be taking advantage of the Sun and all you'd need is to supplement them at night to stay awake.


    This is my current off season set. I'll turn the lights off Jan 1st and let them flower for 10 weeks. Mid march they'll be ready to harvest.

    I'd buy a new bag of Fox Farms Ocean Forest. Wash all the old soil off the roots of your clones ever so gently in a shallow tray of water and replant them. They can be rescued. New fluffy light soil, Intense lights and some food and they will wake right up.
    These are less then a week from the cloner.
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  7. Even 20 in away, if I turn these up to 90 Watts, they gave me extremely short bushy plants from seeds. I turn the light down because I know the clones are under extremely weak light when I got them. I've been sitting them outside the past few days since it's been nice.

    I've used this exact mix for seedlings quite often, and just feed a little kelp extract until I throw them in larger pots.

    Maybe I'll try the replant, I've done that before when I've had soil problems before, and they normally take it pretty well. In fact that's why I bought this bag of Ocean Forest, is I had to do that last year, and The soil from this bag did great, they bounced back and were growing strong several days after transplanting.

    I just get these going inside, and throw them out side to flower. Since it's early I can get away with the photo periods, and then save the autoflower for my next run that gets set out in April.
  8. sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get something healthy growing its really not that hard why try to nurse something when you can easily start fresh and healthy
  9. Not everybody has the same resources/circumstances that make it easy.

    I have no feminized seeds at the moment, other than autoflower. I don't have the space to grow extras to compensate for possible males this time of year. I can only veg out two plants indoors, and then set them outside to flower.
    I will have more feminized seeds soon, but not in time to grow and set out before the days gets too long to keep them in flower.

    I save the auto flowers for spring outdoor grow to give me a early summer harvest.

    And, Some people just like a challenge. You learn a lot more from trying, then just tossing them.
  10. can I suggest?
    if you are handy:
    A cheap and effecient cloner
    if you are not:
    Aqua Clone Deep Water Cloner 24 Sites by Super Sprouter | Bustan Hydroponics Grow Lights Grow Tents Organic Fertilizers Inline Fans and Filters
    (I have not tested this unit, I prefer my own)

    I used to clone using traditional methods, but using the proper gear, you get them rooted in a week.
    I've got one going on right now:
    and as you can see, I also use this to start seeds now too. I've been testing the cheaper (dry) sponges instead of root riots (or similar); works good. Its only been about a week since I dropped those seeds (without germination).

    anyhow, Merry Christmas and better luck in the New Year !
  11. So I took the advice of Vee and BrassNwood
    I transplanted into some smaller pots filled with one part each of Ocean Forest, perlite, and vermiculite.
    Mixed up some kelp, Cal mag, and Epsom salts, and gave it some foliar feed for a few days, and watered with the same solution, plus some sea grow all purpose.

    They seem to be rebounding nicely, and now I'm going to transplant.
    I was thinking of planting them deeper and hope they shoot roots and don't rot, that way I can top them and not have such a tall plant.

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