sick clone please help!!

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  1. it went into a root cube on the 19th, its a tga deep purple, notorius for slow veg time and also has a slow rooting time, shes in roots organic soil with clonex root gel, within the last 2 days her newest leaves started turning neon green and started drooping it also has that purple stem syndrom starting to happen, it looks like she ate up all the N but i dont know how could be, i lift her out of the cup to see what the root growth was like and there is only 2-3 little roots coming to the outside of the cup and 3/4 the way down, not even to the bottem of the cup.. like i said i think it looks to be nitrogen def but would like a second opinion and a course of treatment, i was thinking of just top dressing with some fresh roots organic soil and watering lightly. please let me know what you guys think , this is a first of hundreds of clones ive seen this happen to so im at a loss n this one and would hate to lose her (grape purple pheno)
    see attached pics

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