Sick Birthday

Discussion in 'General' started by Funk96, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Blades, it's my 19th Birthday today and I'm sick as a dog...

    I should be out (legally) drinking with my friends, but instead I'm stuck at home..

    Post things that will cheer me up please lol :)
  2. Get high! :smoke:
  3. the cowboys open up there new home 2nite vs the g-men...and since you'll be home, you can watch it and route for the cowboys with me!
  4. New episode of Curb on tonight!

    Fucking being sick bro, i hate that shit.

    was gonna take a little road trip a couple weeks back, but I woke up and was so fucking dizzy and sick. I was so mad at myself lol.
  5. Yeah I started getting sick at work on friday. Throughout my whole shift I kept thinking; "Not on my 19th birthday, please not on my 19th!!"

    The strip club has been postponed to next weekend :hello:
  6. You suck.

  7. i cant wait untill someone kicks the ball into that big ass tv screen in the new BILLION dollar stadium.
  8. Ah man, that sucks. I'm pretty sick too, it's no fun. I even smoked a bowl of weed... and that didn't do anything for me... :\
  9. Yeah smoking won't make you feel that much better if you're tired and really sick. It's unfortunate but make sure you get faded still.
  10. Awwww, sorry to hear you're sick. You should toke up!
  11. sucks to be you yesterday

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