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sick baby

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by robnsi, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. hey all. cuurrently experiencing problems with our little lady!

    after the transplant shes been actin all weird :S at first we thought we'd over water'd her, then after dryin out for 1 night it looked alot better. then the day after shes wilted again :S :S :S

    the colour is a dark green. we have 4x energy saving 20w CFL shining down on her, do you think it'll be the light factor?
  2. HIGH All, just leaf the little one alone for a few days and see if it perks up..your lights..they could be better, but they'll work.
  3. A shot of B1 complex is always a good idea when transplanting. Canna also carries a great root damage stimulator called Rhizone or something like that. I imagine the B1 is cheaper. Dutchmaster products are rather expensive. Plus, I just dont have trust in those jerks. After the superbud pesticide thing I steer clear of them but some growers I know have used the product above with excellent results. Be sure you have some air moving in there. Flo's can get warm enough to damage foliage. When plants wilt I look first at the heat. Both ambient and rootzone. A hot rootzone can reek havoc on a plant quickly. Second thing I do is back off the lamps if a plant is in trouble. Mj is a pretty tough character. I bet she bounces right back. gm714
  4. its the amont of water u need to keep track of.you can up the amont or lower it by a ounce at a time,plant will let u know wat direction to go,it will look better. see this http://www.overgrow.com/growfaq/1470 on the amont of water he used on transplant. .. .. moon/

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