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  1. Ive got this little beauty that shot up for about three weeks. Then just this week it started doing whatever is happening to it now. It is an outside plant. plenty of water everyday. Sunlight. All that stuff. I don't know whats wrong with it. The bottom leaves get the spots of yellow then slowly die. And its moving up. It started with the very bottom. But the top is green and healthy looking. And the next set of leaves are starting to curl up like a taco shell I guess you could say. So any ideas?

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  2. Someone please help me out on this one. Its important to me.
  3. You are overwatering and your ph is off. Those bottom 2 leaves are supposed to die, but spots indicate ph. Yellowing and droop for overwatering.
  4. I agree. Yellowing might be N def too. Get more perlite in that soil for drainage, and fix the pH issue.
  5. yup looks and sounds like overwatering.

    let your babies dry out thoroughly between waterings. to see if they need water, stick you finger in the soil to about 2" down. if it feels damp, dont water. if it feels dry water.

    i hope this helps!
  6. well the very next day i went out and looked at the baby and there is no more droop going on. So. thats better. But i dont have anyway to check the ph. I just got the seed stuck it in the dirt and watered it every day till it sprouted three weeks ago. but it definatley looks better since i moved it into the sun.

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