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    Okay, so i believe that i screwed these guys up from day 3+ currently these two little guys are under 4 100w CFL's. I am watering them about once every 5 days. I have added no nutes. I am using Uni-gro African Violet Organic soil "for all indoor flowering plants". I am watering them with distilled water only.

    The first and last pictures are of NL#5 from seed. I originially thought that i might have been over watering it. However it is been about 4 days without any improvement, it does show new growth on the top however.

    The middle two are of Black Queen from seed. It has always looked healthy but recently has developed these spots on its leaves.

    Thanks for any information.


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  2. Classic wet soil symptoms. Your soil is saturated and not drying out. More 20-30% is needed. Try carefully taking them out...add a big handful of perlite, mix well (I bet that soil low in the pot is pretty wet) and carefully put the seedlings back in. No water for a few days then sparingly. They MAY make it...hey can be tough buggers.
  3. Alright i have added about 20% more perlite to the mix. The soil at the bottom was not soggy. Do i need to water them since i have basically transplanted them into the new soil mix? The soil was moist not wet.
  4. water for about a week... That was IMO your problem. Give it several days, they should improve. The new growth should look better. Be patient though...these little ones don't grow real fast after trauma. Your plants really look like shit...sorry to say.
  5. Also, soil for African Violets is going to have different elements, because those plants require a different type of soil and nutes. You might be better off in the long run if you transplant into regular potting soil now. It will help with your soil moisture level too. If in doubt, wait another day before watering.

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