sick ass four footer

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by branham stoner, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. the best home made bong i ever had was a four footer

    it was so easy to make only two steps and less that five buxs for all the parts at orchard suply

    materials if u are at an orchard suply find the flouresent lights u only need the clear tube thats used to cover the lights so they dont break its like 2.75$ then go to the plumbing find the end caps buy one that fits ur tube like .50 now u need to go to and look for a nice stem and bowl i used a piece of clear tubing and a brass fitting with a screan simply

    drill a hole in the end cap put ur tubing inside the cap put ur bowl in the tubing

    nice high quality four foot bong less that five bucks
  2. this is picture post, ya know ;)

    ...but yeah, homemade bongs are great if your short on cash!
  3. I tried to make this bong, but came up with some problems. When I opened teh florecent tube at the end (where the metal part screws in to the fixture) there was a bunch of orange goopy stuff, I think its probally used to better conduct electricity. Anyways, whatever it is, I dont want to end up smoking it. I cant easily get it out, so do any of ya got any suggestions?
  4. did you buy a flourescent bulb or the cover tube for the flourescent bulbs lol?

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