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  1. image.jpg image.jpg what happend is last night i watered with water then the last of my newted water i believe the last of it was a high concentrate of the newts my newts are fox farms trio set this massive damage has happend in one day just one im freaking out because all my plants before got murdered when i went to jail but now that noone cares im growing in my home im facing a problem i have not seen yet an it is quite dramatic how this is one days doing help!!! I what do i do!
  2. I've always read that you gotta spray with water until it runs its course, probably a few days to a week.
  3. very fast responce allready did what you suggested :D any clue in how often i should do it?
  4. Your plant is totally fried from too much nutes. You have to immediately flush out all the nutes from the soil then don't do anything else. Too much watering will hurt the roots. It probably wont live. If it does then only the new growth will be any good. The current growth will dry up and die.
    The picture on the left doesn't look bad.
  5. if you dont think they'll survive you should take cuttings of the healthiest looking parts so you can salvage something.  dont know if you thought about that but just an idea. :cry:
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    umm i only have a wal mart hormone also the good pic was from before this :( umm will that hormone sufice? Also will the old growth really be useless?
  7. I'm not very experienced but I read a lot.  I woud think that if you could take a cutting the it would be healthier since the nutes haven't worked its "full str" to the cuttings.  But if you are able to salvage anything you should really go to the hydro store and pick up some rooting gel. 
    If you've never cloned before then it might be difficult.  Just search the internet on step by step cloning or youtube videos.  All you really need is rooting gel and a humidity dome.
  8. im cheap so i bet an old like cake cover or maybe even just a cup over the plant would trap moisture and the gel idk man im in a rural area
  9. I don't know why you would do those things. It's has nothing to do with your problem. No spray or cover helps. Only flushing all the nuts and just waiting. 
    Taking a cutting isn't a bad idea except i didn't see anything good and unhealthy cuttings don't take easily. If there is a good part to the plant then it will be the only part that lives so leave it alone.
    Just flush one time thouroly and hope for the best. 
    Don't do anything else to it. It's the "doing things" that cause the problems. Like giving too much nutes when it probably didn't need any at all. Only feed every third or fourth watering. Not every other like people say here.
  10. a gallon lasted me this plants life the last of the gallon must have been concentrated with newts obviously but me being noob/just plain not thinking shook it up and poured last of newted water in it wasent how often i did it it was how i didnt dilute the last pf it with more water
  11. So you poured the last of your pure nutes straight on to the soil...
  12. Must of been too strong then as you know. Id flush through with ph'd water and hope for the best. Remember fluah through with 3times the amount of soil in the pot.

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  13. if the old growth was going to eventually die would it still show sighns of growth?
  14. Lol? Well ill tell you its improving now alot better no growth has completley died yet and they dont seem like they will
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    I wouldn't flower them anytime soon. If they survive. You should check out the organic growing section. That way you will never fry a plant again. Never
  16. I have organics but i love these newts just never diluted the last bit left in gallon heres new pics and im beast her up before i flower

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