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Sick after smoking, why?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by socrox, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. I've been smoking for about 5 months, Id say maybe 1-3 times a week.
    The last 3 times Ive smoked, I felt like throwing up the whole time i was high and I smoke high mids. dank maybe once. :(
    I don't get the munchies real bad, so I'm pretty sure its not from food.
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    hmm i heard some ppl can be allergic to weed maybe..
  3. Some medication, when mixed with weed, can induce a vomiting feeling.
  4. Maybe you smoked too much
  5. Maybe it's because of the fact that you were smoking out of a piece without a carb? That happened to me once, I got all smoke and no oxygen, so I threw up.
  6. About 2 weeks ago, I was taking a lot of oxycodone because I hurt my eye's pretty bad. It was a doctor prescription. I haven't used that in a week, so that cant be the cause, right?

    I have been happily smoking for 5 months or so...

    EDIT: my bowl has a carb.
  7. Eating before getting high might help. Drink some water? or just try not smoking so much.

    Also what where you smoking out of?
  8. take a break for a little while, pills and weed arent a good mix, and the people who think they are, probably the same people who dont know where there gunna be in ten years

    take a month off, lots of running and excersise, start up again, i guarantee you will be feeling great and irie!
  9. Yeah, Im going to take a break for a little and
    i smoke out of my bowl.
  10. i would recommend vaping instead of a bowl, if you wanna be super careful
  11. What are you smoking out of? Tobacco from blunts at least get a lot of people sick.
  12. I've seen people barf from it... Dunno what does it but it definitely can have that effect on people.
  13. maybe u had too much, ive had too much mids and threw up, yet i had not too much dank and was fine, its quantity, not quality here.
  14. Maybe you were swallowing alot of smoke? It happen to me once, I smoked about 5 gram of chronic when I was only like 2 weeks into smoking weed, swallowed alot of smoke, got real sick so I decided to pass out cause, feeling sick while high is the worse feeling you can feel Dx

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